Announcing the First Ever Firestarter Awards

February 11, 2015jeremygoldmanDigitalNo Comments

We just posted a new piece over on Firebrand Group‘s Insights section, entitled Firebrand Group Announces The First Ever Firestarter Awards. We created the Firestarter Awards in order to acknowledge those who are doing quality, winning work and are at the forefront of digital innovation. Firebrand considers itself a trailblazer that helps our partners cut through digital “noise” to attract and […]

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Rush Limbaugh thinks James Bond’s defining attributes are being white and Scottish

December 24, 2014jeremygoldmanJournalismNo Comments

Yet another story that’s irritating me today. “James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming,” Limbaugh said. “He was white and Scottish, period. That is who James Bond is.” So apparently those are Bond’s two defining attributes according to Rush. Weird, I never though James Bond’s defining attributes were being white and […]

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Jeremy’s Week in Instagram, 8/10-8/16

August 18, 2014jeremygoldmanRandomNo Comments

I thought it might be fun to highlight the past week’s top Instagram posts of mine, based off of total likes: Honorable Mention: Pizza Baby Adeline had her first slice of pizza. Well, her first pizza crust. And she barely has teeth. But still. It’s adorable. #3: 57th & Madison With the crossing light changing and […]

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