Highlights from last night's GOP Debate

As some of you know, I like to live tweet events. This includes presidential debates. I was a political science major and I love politics. And if any of you think this is partisan, feel free to look at what I tweet when the "other side" is debating.

Here's how last night went down:

First off, below: it's a cheap shot, but hey, he opened the door. To the pyramid.

I give Carly Fiorina points for A) going to the same business school as me, and B) presenting very well at debates, but her inaccurate statements annoy me a good deal.

Points to Rubio for being topical, but why are mobile games important to any serious debate? I mean...I am actually asking this question.

One of the things that admittedly annoys me to no end is when everyone agrees to the rules - such as time limits - and then they totally get thrown out the window.

The long trailer for the Benghazi movie seemed to get good critical response, leading me to comment:

And then...it was over. I'm happy this debate was more substantive than some of the others, but still would have liked them to force candidates to give more specific policy answers. And, kind of wanted Christie on the main stage. Curious what you guys thought; tweet me anytime!

Announcing the First Ever Firestarter Awards

We just posted a new piece over on Firebrand Group's Insights section, entitled Firebrand Group Announces The First Ever Firestarter Awards. We created the Firestarter Awards in order to acknowledge those who are doing quality, winning work and are at the forefront of digital innovation. Firebrand considers itself a trailblazer that helps our partners cut through digital “noise” to attract and excite followers, create engaging and meaningful interactions, and stand out as vibrant, successful, and distinctive in a competitive marketplace. This expertise has placed Firebrand Group in a unique position to recognize those who are doing an exceptional job at digital marketing.

Read the whole piece here.


Home Depot remains silent after a Murder-Suicide in New York

Should a company remain silent after a tragedy? And, how long are they allowed to remain silent until they are called out on it? That's what I wondered after the Home Depot shooting in New York today, just a few miles from where I live.

I used to pass by that Home Depot all the time, when I was working at iluminage, the Unilever-backed startup that I cofounded. It was shocking when I heard about the murder-suicide that occurred earlier today, at about 2:40 PM. Almost as shocking was the fact that social media was abuzz about the Home Depot shooting - yet there was one important voice missing.

You could read about the shooting and here commentary from social handles of The Guardian, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the many other sources. Seemingly, the only place you couldn't get any information was from Home Depot. This, despite the fact that customers and employees were tweeting to @HomeDepot and publishing to Home Depot's Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.25.49 PM

In a time like this, even before all of the facts have a emerged, I just think it's very important that in organization acknowledged that something happened. After an event so tragic, constituents are hurting emotionally, and hearing from the organization in question can only help. I truly do feel for Home Depot management for having to deal with a tragedy like this - just like I feel for its greater community, that would appreciate hearing a few words from management.

For more: Employee ‘fatally shoots’ manager, self at NYC Home Depot (New York Post)

Rush Limbaugh thinks James Bond's defining attributes are being white and Scottish

Yet another story that's irritating me today. “James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming,” Limbaugh said. “He was white and Scottish, period. That is who James Bond is.” So apparently those are Bond's two defining attributes according to Rush.

Weird, I never though James Bond's defining attributes were being white and Scottish. Maybe Scottish, but not the white part. Do people really go to Bond films saying "eh, I liked it OK, but they didn't pull off his white-ness in this one?"

If anything, didn't it make a wee bit less sense to have Elba playing a Norse god?


Rush Limbaugh fumes: Idris Elba can’t play ’007′ because ‘James Bond is white and Scottish, period’

But hey, I still enjoyed Thor...

Read more: Rush Limbaugh fumes: Idris Elba can’t play ’007′ because ‘James Bond is white and Scottish, period’.

One less hurdle: Women's shelter allows victims to escape with their pets

Wow, these are sobering statistics: 48% of women in the U.S. choose to stay in abusive relationships because they don't want to leave pets behind. Only 2% of shelters in the U.S. have any program available to take pets into account. Great to see that there's some hope that more programs will be inclusive of pets - and helping women get the support they need - in the near future.

(via Mashable)

The Top LinkedIn Faux Pas to Avoid

We just posted a new article over on Firebrand Group's blog, entitled 4 LinkedIn “Don’ts” To Avoid. I'd love to know what you think!

98 Years Ago Today in History

"Fun" fact: 98 years ago today, John D Rockefeller becomes the first billionaire. Today there are roughly 1645 of them, 30% of which are in the US.

Do these stats make you happy, sad, or neither?

3D Print Your Child into a Marvel Superhero. Yes, Really.

This is maybe the best new thing in the world. Between September 19th & 28th, you can go to one of 10 Walmarts (and two Sam's Clubs) in NY, LA, Chicago, and Houston, and you'll get to experience "Super Awesome Me." This will allow you to scan your face (it takes less than a minute, supposedly), select Captain America or Iron Man, and then turn yourself into a superhero action figure.

Read more: Hasbro Is Letting Kids Make Themselves Into Superhero Action Figures Through 3D Printing - Business Insider.

On the Firebrand blog: The Psychology of Why We Love Emoji

Last week, we posted a new article over on Firebrand Group's blog, entitled The Psychology of Why We Love Emoji. As someone who initially was torn over emoji and now have come around to understanding their role in how we communicate these days, I'd love to know what you think.

Jeremy's Week in Instagram, 8/10-8/16

I thought it might be fun to highlight the past week's top Instagram posts of mine, based off of total likes:

Honorable Mention: Pizza Baby

Adeline had her first slice of pizza. Well, her first pizza crust. And she barely has teeth. But still. It's adorable.

#3: 57th & Madison

With the crossing light changing and the work day ending, I quickly snapped a few photos as I crossed the street. I think all of the activity on the streets is one of the reasons I just love New York City as much as I do.

#2: Puck & Winona

I know it looks like he's going to pounce on her, but Puck is actually good friends with Winona. I'm not sure if Winona cares much one way or the other, but either way, it's fun to watch.

#1: Robin Williams

It was a very sad day not just in Hollywood, but all across the world when we learned about Robin Williams' death. The first television show I remember watching was Mork & Mindy, so Williams' influence on me throughout my life couldn't be overstated. He really touched the world in a major way, and not everyone can say that.