My Clickfire Media Mobile Panel Today

Today I’ll be part of a panel by Click3X & Clickfire Media for Internet Week NY titled “Sweet Mobile Idea: How do you build it to fit your audience strategy?” Clickable thumb with more details below. If you’re interested in live-streaming the event, you can click on this link at 1pm today:  

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Twitter Needs to Compete with Facebook’s Open Graph. Here’s Why:

This just in from InsideFacebook: Six years since Twitter founders sent the first tweet, we wonder how the microblogging network might build on Facebook’s Open Graph.As Facebook encroaches on Twitter’s territory with the subscribe feature and interest lists, Twitter should consider ways to use Facebook’s own platform to protect itself. Early examples from Pinterest and… Continue reading Twitter Needs to Compete with Facebook’s Open Graph. Here’s Why:

Why Steve Jobs wouldn’t have launched “New iPad” this way

As you know unless you live under a rock (and it would have to be a particularly heavy rock), Apple announced the “New iPad” yesterday. I’m not saying this won’t be a big success; after all, inertia is such a tremendous factor, and Apple certainly has enough to make “New iPad” a runaway success. I just… Continue reading Why Steve Jobs wouldn’t have launched “New iPad” this way

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Come Join Me at Prestashop’s 3/20 Barcamp Event!

In case we haven’t spoken recently, you might have missed the chatter about Presto Changeo. My good friend Abe Shaw, VP Marketing at Presto-Changeo (the leading provider of Prestashop modules/add-ons and website dev provider), is helping organize Prestashop’s is holding their Barcamp event here in NYC on March 20th. I’d love it if you could come, hang out, meet… Continue reading Come Join Me at Prestashop’s 3/20 Barcamp Event!

Retweet-worthy: @jeremarketer News Roundup for 2/21/12

I’m trying something new, in that every day I’ll share my Twitter links that get retweeted (RTed) the most the previous day. In case you’re not following me yet, I tweet as @jeremarketer. Here’s what you need to know: Google TV adding Siri-like voice controls: A Google patent unearthed by Patently Apple finds that Google will… Continue reading Retweet-worthy: @jeremarketer News Roundup for 2/21/12

Publishers And Agents List Just found this on Diigo. Not a bad way to start your research if you’re looking for publishers and agents for your work.

BREAKING: L’Oreal Acquires Clarisonic

Wow, huge news just broke in that leading beauty device brand Clarisonic was just acquired by my good friends at L’Oreal. Very interesting to see how beauty gadgets are going mainstream, no? The below from WWD:   L’Oreal Buys Pacific Bioscience Laboratories L’Oréal USA has signed a merger agreement to acquire Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, the… Continue reading BREAKING: L’Oreal Acquires Clarisonic