Facebook Promoted Posts Top the Social 6 News Roundup for 10/4/12

October 4, 2012jeremygoldmanApps, Ecommerce, Facebook, Social 6 Daily RecapsNo Comments

Is this the most awe-inspiring Social 6 roundup ever? Certainly not. I’d never lie to you guys. That being said, yesterday’s social shares did elicit quite a few clicks & shares, most notably related to monetization of the Spotify platform, and Facebook’s rollout of Promoted Posts, which could turn out to be a game-changer….or could […]

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4 Ways Fitness Brands Can Use Facebook’s Open Graph

August 29, 2012jeremygoldmanApps, FacebookNo Comments

Today Rose Yao shared on the Facebook Developers Blog some Open Graph success stories in the fitness category. Among the highlights featured include Nike+ Running, Livestrong, runtastic,and RunKeeper, among others. Here are some best practices these apps employ in order to resonate: #1: Make signing up easy. It’s not just fitness apps that use Facebook Login to help drive easier sign-ups from […]

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The Social 6: 8/25/12 News Roundup

August 25, 2012jeremygoldmanApps, Devices, Facebook, Journalism, Social 6 Daily RecapsNo Comments

Social media in sustainability: your questions answered This Guardian piece is a Q&A with Dana Poole, a global digital communications consultant with BP. The answers given here are useful not just for a social media practitioner interested in sustainability, but for anyone involved with social marketing in general. Storytelling, One Frame at a Time Want a compelling […]

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The Social 6: News You Missed Yesterday, 8/22/12 Edition

August 22, 2012jeremygoldmanApps, Devices, Mobile, Social 6 Daily RecapsNo Comments

Fifteen-Year Olds Create Reserverr, Hoping To Replace Your Calendar  Talk about starting off young: two fifteen year-olds have founded Reserverr, a site that helps users automatically books reservations free of charge. Billy Gallagher reports for TechCrunch on why this deceptively simple app could make waves. Gannett buys social media ad company Blinq Media Traditional media player Gannett, […]

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The Social 6: Key Stories of The Last 24 hours, 8/15/12

August 15, 2012jeremygoldmanApps, Facebook, Going Social, Mobile, Social 6 Daily Recaps, TwitterNo Comments

#6 Done Deal: 10 Weeks Later, Owns Buddy Media Peter Kafka delivers a great article for AllThingsD sharing that now officially owns Buddy Media. The deal was said to have closed at $750 million. All in all, a pretty quick acquisition as these deals tend to go. Congrats to my friends at Buddy Media for officially […]

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The Social 6: Key Stories of The Last 24 hours, 8/8/12

August 8, 2012jeremygoldmanApps, Devices, Ecommerce, Facebook, Going Social, Google, Mobile, Social 6 Daily RecapsNo Comments

#6 The Pitfalls of the Unmanaged Customer Experience What makes your brand, ultimately, is the experience you give to your customers, not just the product you actually sell them. Yes, we all know this. No, most companies still don’t adhere to this somewhat important rule. Malcolm Carlow writes for E-Commerce Times, and provides some nice, high-level […]

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