Twitter Polls Guide, Anyone?

February 21, 2016jeremygoldmanDigitalNo Comments

A lot of you guys are into playing with the latest functionality on every social platform under the sun, and as you know I’m no different. On that front, we just posted a new article over on Firebrand Group‘s blog, The Definitive Guide to Twitter Polls. I’d love to know what you think. Enjoy!

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Announcing the First Ever Firestarter Awards

February 11, 2015jeremygoldmanDigitalNo Comments

We just posted a new piece over on Firebrand Group‘s Insights section, entitled Firebrand Group Announces The First Ever Firestarter Awards. We created the Firestarter Awards in order to acknowledge those who are doing quality, winning work and are at the forefront of digital innovation. Firebrand considers itself a trailblazer that helps our partners cut through digital “noise” to attract and […]

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