Yammer, Data Visualization, and the Facebook Stock Rally Top the Social 6 for 11/15/12

You know the drill by now: I share what you guys clicked on, shared, and retweeted the most yesterday, which was actually a doozy of a day. I especially recommend #2, though I'm admittedly a bit biased since I'm an entrepreneur worried about his health. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Social media overwhelming some SMBs (BizReport)

#5: 75 things @pammktgnut learned on her journey to 100,000 Twitter followers (Business 2 Community)

#4: Yammer + SharePoint: Microsoft's Social Strategy Isn't Social, It's Collaborative  (ReadWriteWeb)

#3: Facebook’s Stock Rally & How The Company Can Have More of Them (Going Social)

#2: New study finds that entrepreneurship is good for your health (Business Insider)

#1: Seven data visualization lessons from Visualized NYC (World Bank Data blog)

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Zynga, Social Media in China, and Geolocating Racist Tweets in the Social 6 Weekend Recap

Good morning, folks, and welcome to another week which will likely have a slew of great social media-centric news. This weekend’s shares weren’t half shabby either, between LinkedIn tips, tensions between social media and Chinese leadership, and exactly where racism in the U.S. comes from. Here’s your Social 6:
#6: Zynga Announces Acquisition Of November Software To Build ‘Mid-Core’ Game Battlestone (TechCrunch)
#5: 5 Ways to Improve Your New LinkedIn Company Page
#4: Who’s Vulnerable Among the Internet’s ‘Fantastic Four’? Techonomy Panelists Say It’s Apple And Facebook
#3: Hollande & Sarkozy: How not to use social media in politics or business (Econsultancy)
#2: Social media both friend and foe for China's new leaders (CNN)
#1: Where America’s Racist Tweets Come From (Mashable)

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Newsjacking, HowDo, and more Kindle Fire vs. iPad Mini Comparisons Top the Social 6 for 11/1/12

Morning, team. In the wake of Sandy, newsjacking has become a very popular topic, and my post discussing it on my companion site, Going Social, took the top spot today. You'll notice plenty of great stories from The Next Web, too, and more of the ongoing Kindle Fire/iPad Mini debate, as the latter is still scheduled to be in stores tomorrow. Here's your Social 6:

#6: 500 Startups unveils its Fall 2012 accelerator lineup  (The Next Web)

#5: HowDo lets people share everyday knowledge, lands seed funding from Wellington Partners and Horizons   (The Next Web)

#4: How Australia's Advertising Standards Board became the Facebook police for business (Crikey)

#3: Kindle Fire vs. iPad Mini: 10 Reasons to Choose the Amazon Tablet (eWeek)

#2: Facebook confirms it's testing new Timeline design w/just 1 column for posts  (The Next Web)

#1: Newsjacking – and its Ramifications for Your Brand’s Social Media  (Going Social)

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Conan & Zynga, Kindle Fire & iPad Mini, and Facebook & Fraud: the Social 6 for 10/29/12

Hope you're all okay and not affected much by Hurricane Sandy, which is still virtually nonexistent here in Manhattan. This weekend, besides Sandy news, I shared a few links that a bunch of you found interesting, including Conan's ideas to improve Zynga's outlook, the continued battle between the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini, and Paul Ceglia's majorly sketchy claims against Facebook. Here's your Social 6:

#6: DreamIt Ventures Partners With Microsoft To Offer BizSpark To All Of Its Startups (TechCrunch)
#5: News From the Advertising Industry  (New York Times)
#4: iPad Mini Display: Not Good Enough? (InformationWeek)
#3: Conan Comes Up With Some Naughty Social Games to Save Zynga  (All Things D)
#2" Amazon email hints at anxiety over iPad mini (Smartmoney blog)
#1: NY Man Arrested For Trying to Defraud Facebook & Zuckerberg (Mashable)

Kindle Fire, Eventbrite's Social Media ROI, and Super Pacs: the Social 6 for 10/26/12

Happy Friday, gang. How was your Thursday? If yours was as hectic as mine, you might have missed these stories, and we wouldn't want to have that. Today we've got plenty of tablet news & views, Eventbrite's quantifiable social media success, and even a story from my book companion site, at http://goingsoci.al. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Can Amazon's Fire extinguish the iPad mini? (Daily Mail)

#5: Super PAC Wants to Put You in Its Facebook Ad (Mashable)

#4: If You Don't Like Your Current Story, Change It (Huffington Post)

#3: How to Build Your Brand Across Multiple Social - and Editorial - Platforms (Going Social)

#2: Social Media Drive Dollars, Users to Eventbrite: CEO (CNBC.com blog)

#1: Human costs of iPad mini: chemical smells, unpaid overtime, constant work (Macworld)

Gamification, Jobhunting, iPad Mini, and. . . Cats? The Social 6 News Roundup for 10/11/12

I hope you guys were doing your jobs yesterday, as opposed to scouring Twitter, Google+, and the like for social media-news. Not to fret if you missed anything, since I have the 6 links that were most shared, liked, and clicked on within my social circles yesterday. Never saw a social media list featuring forum statistics, tablet news, gamification, and...cats? Well, now you have. Here's today's Social 6 news roundup:

These 10 Cats Hate Toasters, Popcorn and Treadmills  (Mashable)

Why Tracking Social Media Sales is so Difficult! (Business 2 Community)

Forums Outperform Blogs In Social Media Use  (Social Media Explorer)

Job Seekers Choose Facebook Over LinkedIn, Twitter [STUDY]  (Mashable)

Talk of the Day -- iPad mini to debut next week? (Focus Taiwan)

The 'Gamification' of CRM Finally Comes to Salesforce--But is it Enough? (Midsize Insider)

Facebook Promoted Posts Top the Social 6 News Roundup for 10/4/12

Is this the most awe-inspiring Social 6 roundup ever? Certainly not. I'd never lie to you guys. That being said, yesterday's social shares did elicit quite a few clicks & shares, most notably related to monetization of the Spotify platform, and Facebook's rollout of Promoted Posts, which could turn out to be a game-changer....or could wind up being a sidebar in a "History of Facebook" book. We'll see.

Without further ado, your Social 6 roundup of news & views:

#6: My 7 Favorite Social Media Tools To Up Your Game (Business 2 Community)

#5: A Social Media Marketing Paradox? (ResidualRx.com)

#4: Looks like the iPad Mini is in production (PC Magazine)

#3: ShoeDazzle Picks Up Another $6M As Founder Brian Lee Gets Back To Work As CEO (TechCrunch)

#2: Can Spotify's App Platform Make Rock'n'Roll Profitable Again? Ask Blur  (ReadWriteWeb)

#1: Facebook's Promoted Posts launch in the US at $7 a pop (TechCrunch)

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LinkedIn's Follow Feature, Truvia, Facebook Gifts, and more: the Social 6 for 10/3/12

A very late Social 6 roundup today, guys. Sorry about that, but iluminage & life beckons. I'm sure you understand.

In any case, the news roundup for today is below. This was actually a ridiculously strong day with a bunch of cool stories breaking...I don't think I've spent as long debating who should receive the #1 spot in a long time.

#6: YouTube’s Slick New TV Mode Lets You Browse From the Keyboard or Your Phone (Mashable)

#5: New Ads for Truvia Serve Up Sweet Words  (NY Times)

#4: Facebook Gifts: potent new revenue stream, or dud?  (EConsultancy)

#3: Dog owners shame pets on social media (WBTV)

#2: Twitter Who? LinkedIn Promotes Its Own People to Follow. (All Things D)

#1: Live Twitter Feed Appears in Print Ad [VIDEO] (Mashable)

Sheryl Sandberg and Costco Highlight the Social 6 News Roundup for 10/2/12

Look, everybody, it's a diverse Social 6 today! From failed IPOs (Facebook) to great advice from thought leaders (Amber Naslund) to retailers running into social media policy challenges (Costco), this one's got something for everyone. Here's your Social 6 news & views roundup:

#6: The social workplace: Are you prepared? (Denver Business Journal blog)

#5: CoCoon, The Newest Home For Startups In Hong Kong (TechCrunch)

#4: How - And Why - Startups Should Hire Millennials (ReadWriteWeb)

#3: The One Thing That Smart Businesses Never Do (Brass Tack Thinking)

#2: Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook IPO wasn’t great, but new mobile and advertising products should help (The Next Web)

#1: Costco Gets Slapped Over Social Media Policy (Business 2 Community)

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