Atlas Calendar, Klout Q&A, Rating Your Contacts: the Social 6 for 5/8/13

Welcome back, me! It's been my longest break from releasing a Social 6 ever, but for good reason, between prepping to go away and then going away to Munich for the International Health Forum. I'm back in the swing of things, and today seemed like a great day to start back up, with a terrific post from Patrick over at Contactually, Klout's plans to become a more robust platform, and a pretty strong debut from Atlas, the new smartphone-oriented calendar/scheduler. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Hotel Tonight Wants You to Snap Photos of Your Hotel Room (Selfies Not Encouraged) (AllThingsD)

#5: Pre-Roll Ads Will Soon Know Where You've Shopped Online (Ecommerce Times)

#5: 3 Ways To Measure ROI For Social Customer Service (Likeable Media blog)

#3: Atlas launches to reduce the stress of scheduling, helping you organize group meetings on the go (The Next Web)

#2: Not everybody is created equal! Rating your network to get the most of it for your business (Contactually blog)

#1: Klout dips into Q&A and local commerce with launch of new questions feature (GigaOM)

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Highlight Updates, BillPin, Social Media Showdown, & Emily Giffin: the Social 6 for 2/21/13

I don't know how I was able to share all of yesterday's links given my running around for Social Media Week, but you all sure delivered on the clicking & sharing front, so I'm glad I was able to help. You all were particularly interested in Business Insider's look at the skills that are most lucrative to possess in today's job market, but we had other gems as well: Highlight's upgrades, my recap of Wednesday's Social Media Showdown event, and author Emily Giffin's Pay it Forward program. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Amid Online Furor, Sheriff Responds to Death of Man With Down Syndrome New York Times (blog)

#5: Highlight unveils location-focused photo sharing tool and event feature with an eye for spontaneity (The Next Web)

#4: Social Media for Social Good: Emily Giffin's Pay It Forward Program (Huffington Post)

#3: BillPin app can help friends split bills with ease (The Next Web)

#2 :Recap: Econsultancy's Social Media Showdown (Going Social)

#1: 30 Top Tech Skills That Will Net You $100K+ (Business Insider)

Webinar to Attend: Smarter Digital ROI on 12/18 (Hosted by Econsultancy)

You've no doubt heard of Econsultancy and/or consumed their wonderful content, no? Well, on December 18th they're having a webinar covering Smarter Digital Marketing ROI. It's hosted by Econsultancy's Member Services Manager (and overall superstar) Danielle Mackie.

The webinar is focused on introducing folks to member benefits, and how users can achieve Smarter Digital Marketing ROI using Econsultancy's resources, including their Best Practice Guides and their Internet Statistics Compendium.

What's that -- you're not an Econsultancy member yet? You can get started with them here.

I'm going to try to attend this one, since I know I'm not making the best of my Econsultancy membership, and I do love them as an organization. Register here before you forget!

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Pinterest as Law Enforcement, Instagram Photos on Twitter, & Nook Price Cuts: the Social 6 News Roundup for 12/10/12

It was a very visual weekend with respect to social media news. We had news of the White House's Pinterest ambitions, Instagram's "skirmish" with Twitter, creative Pinterest usage by Pennsylvania newspaper The Mercury, and Iran's new user-generated content site, Here's your Social 6:

#6: For those of you waiting for Iran to debut its own version of YouTube, the wait is over (All Things D)

#5: Local Newspaper Uses Pinterest to Find Wanted Criminals (Mashable)

#4: When social media is (and isn't) the answer (iMedia Connection)

#3: The White House to Debut on Pinterest with Holiday Social (CNET)

#2: Bargain shopper? Barnes & Noble's Nook just got slashed to $79 (Mashable)

#1: Say Goodbye to Instagram Photos on Twitter (All Things D)

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Facebook Monetization, MyHeritage, Banjo, & Reddit: the Social 6 for 11/29/12

There was just so much goodness going around yesterday that this story about 500px's arrival on iPhone got crowded out - and 500px is a pretty sharp site/platform/service. I'd have put it in the top 6, but alas, the rules are the same as always: whatever I share that you guys click on & share the most, that's what I then rank and sort out to determine the Social 6. My piece on Banjo's new release topped the list, but we also have MyHeritage's new trove of cash, Facebook monetization efforts, and much more. Here's your Social 6:

#6: 5 Fascinating Facts We Learned From Reddit This Week  (Mashable)

#5: Family-oriented social network raises $25 million and buys its main rival Geni (The Next Web)

#4: Facebook's new tactics to convince page owners to run ads (Inside Facebook)

#3: Box VP Sam Schillace: People won’t tolerate crappy enterprise apps anymore (VentureBeat)

#2: Facebook's new push for getting its users credit card numbers (Mashable)

#1: Why Banjo is the Future of Social Networking  (Going Social)

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Yammer, Data Visualization, and the Facebook Stock Rally Top the Social 6 for 11/15/12

You know the drill by now: I share what you guys clicked on, shared, and retweeted the most yesterday, which was actually a doozy of a day. I especially recommend #2, though I'm admittedly a bit biased since I'm an entrepreneur worried about his health. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Social media overwhelming some SMBs (BizReport)

#5: 75 things @pammktgnut learned on her journey to 100,000 Twitter followers (Business 2 Community)

#4: Yammer + SharePoint: Microsoft's Social Strategy Isn't Social, It's Collaborative  (ReadWriteWeb)

#3: Facebook’s Stock Rally & How The Company Can Have More of Them (Going Social)

#2: New study finds that entrepreneurship is good for your health (Business Insider)

#1: Seven data visualization lessons from Visualized NYC (World Bank Data blog)

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Tumblr's agencies list, Papa John's spam, and Groupon's stock woes in the Social 6 for 11/14/12

Papa John's Pizza
Papa John's Pizza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


These days, if you blink, you'll likely miss something. Thank god for the Social 6, I always say. That say, I can get a quick idea of what links were popular yesterday, including Groupon's continued woes, ways to maximize LinkedIn, what agencies Tumblr is recommending, and exactly what else Papa John's is serving up besides calorific pizza. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Five Key Elements For Your Social Media Policy (Business 2 Community)

#5: Groupon Stock Goes On Fire Sale, But What Went So Wrong? (ReadWriteWeb)

#4: Who Owns Your Social Media Content? (Social Media Explorer)

#3: 4 Features on LinkedIn You're Not Using - But Should Be (Going Social)

#2: Tumblr rolls out its “A-List” of preferred agencies to recommend to brands (The Next Web)

#1: Papa John’s accused of delivering spam with your pizza (VentureBeat)

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Spotify, Bonobos, Lead Gen, and Law Firms' Social Media Use in the Social 6 for 11/13/12

In case you were busy, oh, working on Monday, we've got you covered. The last day saw a number of good stories, from a duo of strong Business 2 Community pieces, to the 2nd part of my two-part discussion with Bonobos' John Rote over on the Going Social companion site, to Spotify's (de)valuation. Here's your Social 6:

#6: The Three Things Marketers Keep Forgetting About Facebook (Business 2 Community)

#5: What Do Startups Need Most Right Now? (Read Write Web)

#4: How To Properly Do Lead Generation Using Social Media (Business 2 Community)

#3: Going Social with...John Rote of Bonobos, Part II (Going Social)

#2: Large law firms lack social media strategy, finds TR report (Legal Business Online)

#1: Where Did Spotify's Billion Dollars Go? Ask Netflix (All Things D)

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Univision, Disaster Resources, and Sandy Links Galore top the Social 6 for 10/30/12

It's really interesting how quickly people's interests -- and the news -- can turn. Just a few days ago, you couldn't get much in the way of news that wasn't about the presidential election. Yesterday, almost anything worth clicking on & reading was Sand-related. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Univision to Start Its First Digital Network (New York Times)

#5: How To Create A Successful Visual Social Media Marketing Campaign (Business 2 Community)

#4: Chasing Armstrong With Truth (New York Times)

#3: A Pinterest board of tons of things named Sandy that *don't* suck (Pinterent)

#2: Top 6 Resources for Disaster Preparedness & Recovery (

#1: Best ways to follow Hurricane Sandy digitally (until you lose power!) (Mashable)

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The Top 6 Resources for Businesses to Prepare/Recover from a Storm or Natural Disaster

Right now, a good deal of us are thinking about Hurricane Sandy, and what we ought to be doing to make sure we keep our business and employees safe. Here's a list of some of the best resources to use:

CDC's Storm/Flood and Hurricane Response Emergency Response Resources: Whether you're talking about generator safety or Carbon Monoxide poisoning or psychological first aid, the CDC has a slew of resources listed here. for Business: The site contains a detailed 5-step plan for businesses to develop their own preparedness program, resources to test your plan, and more.

Nonprofit Coordinating Community of New York Disaster's Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity: Not exactly a website. Instead, this is a link to a 35-page Word doc outlining disaster planning and risk analysis. While chunks of this guide may be obvious to you, I found other segments very useful. Plus, it's a free. All in all, a nice little gem.

Small Business Administration Emergency Preparedness Guide: The SBA has resources to develop an employee-protection plan,
ways to lessen the financial impact of disasters, and identity your business' most critical systems.

ReadyNOVA's Business Preparedness Planner: If you're looking to actually start developing your plan, ReadyNOVA has a 30-minute program that actually lets you develop your plan (or load an existing plan). Once you've created your plan, you can download ReadyNOVA's iOS and Android Apps so you can access to your emergency planners on the go.

FEMA's Property Protection Guide: Whether it's earthquakes, fires, high winds, or floods, FEMA has some helpful tips about how to protect your property from irreparable harm.

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