Baby Boomers, iPad Mini Accessories, and Facebook Follower ROI in the Social 6 for 10/12/12

Hey look, it's the Social 6! This is the first time in awhile not a single one of the articles came from Mashable, oddly enough. There's plenty of good reading below, capped by a very nice piece by @sarahneedleman & @EvelynRusli. Here's your Social 6:

#6: ComScore: Instagram attracts more site engagement than Twitter on smartphones (Brafton)

#5: Social media or sex? A study shows more people are going online (WHP TV)

#4: All Eyes Turn To Boomers And How They Use The Internet (ReadWriteWeb)

#3: The solo entrepreneur's guide to social media time management (Crain's Chicago Business blog)

#2: Retailers gearing up for Apple's 'iPad mini' with plans for accessory displays (Apple Insider)

#1: What's a Facebook Follower Worth? (Wall Street Journal)

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Gamification, Jobhunting, iPad Mini, and. . . Cats? The Social 6 News Roundup for 10/11/12

I hope you guys were doing your jobs yesterday, as opposed to scouring Twitter, Google+, and the like for social media-news. Not to fret if you missed anything, since I have the 6 links that were most shared, liked, and clicked on within my social circles yesterday. Never saw a social media list featuring forum statistics, tablet news, gamification, and...cats? Well, now you have. Here's today's Social 6 news roundup:

These 10 Cats Hate Toasters, Popcorn and Treadmills  (Mashable)

Why Tracking Social Media Sales is so Difficult! (Business 2 Community)

Forums Outperform Blogs In Social Media Use  (Social Media Explorer)

Job Seekers Choose Facebook Over LinkedIn, Twitter [STUDY]  (Mashable)

Talk of the Day -- iPad mini to debut next week? (Focus Taiwan)

The 'Gamification' of CRM Finally Comes to Salesforce--But is it Enough? (Midsize Insider)

The Social 6, Birthday Edition!

No, silly, it's not the Social 6's birthday - it's mine! I thought I'd spend my birthday bringing you some of the best stories of the last 24 hours, including Twitter's new VP of design's choice in Twitter clients, how Zynga continues to slide, and analyst expectations of the iPad Mini.

Here's your Social 6:

#6: “Gangnam Style” Fever! A Viral Marketing Sensation [Video] (Business 2 Community)

#5: Why Citizens Demand More Social Media in Law Enforcement (Mashable)

#4: Developing Social Networks in Uganda (Knowledge Wharton Today)

#3: Investors Steering Dollars Away From Social Games Ever Since Zynga's IPO (All Things D)

#2: Twitter’s New VP of Design Doesn’t Use Twitter’s Mobile App (Mashable)

#1: iPad Mini Will Outshine iPad 3, So Says One Analyst (Mobile Magazine)

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Gilt, Pepsi, Wilcoxson, iPad Mini, & Social Scoring dominate the Social 6 roundup

Wow, yesterday was a pretty packed day on the Interwebz. In fact, it was tight enough that ReadWriteWeb's piece on how journalists are using SoundCloud or The Next Web's Can TV go social without being ruined? article didn't make the cut. Oh, and there's the list of 100 Worst Songs Ever from AOL radio that was clicked on & shared an incredibly amount, but I thought that's not what you guys want, is it?*

Here's your Social 6 roundup:

#6: iPad Mini News: Pictures, Pricing, Release Date, Rumors Leak Out (News For Shoppers)

#5: Social search is largely about food & Italian leads the pack [graphic] (The Next Web)

#4: If You're Interested In Influence, Social Scoring Is Of Historic Importance (Fast Company)

#3: For Gilt, selling on Facebook 'was like trying to sell something at a bar' (Business Insider)

#2: Wilcoxson's Ice Cream Sparks Social Media Firestorm (Huffington Post)

#1: Pepsi's head of social sums up his strategy in one word: 'Homophily' (Business Insider)

*Admit it, you clicked on the worst songs ever list.

Twitter & China, Google+ & Journalism, and Social Media + Screwups: The Social 6

Lots of fun news & views yesterday while I was wallowing away in synagogue for Yom Kippur. Yesterday we had a great set of pieces clicked on & shared by you guys, including Twitter's interesting strength within China, potential good news for the iPad Mini, and G+'s effect on journalism. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Teenagers urged to create social media campaigns promoting healthy lifestyles (Scottish Daily Record)

#5: Why Eyeballs No Longer Matter For Startups (ReadWriteWeb)

#4: Social Media’s Biggest Screw-Ups [INFOGRAPHIC] (Mashable)

#3: How Journalists Are Using Google+ (ReadWriteWeb)

#2: Study says half of Americans are unimpressed with Kindle Fire HD, more interested in iPad mini (Borneo Post)

#1: Report: Twitter’s most active country is China (where it is blocked) (The Next Web)

China & Twitter seems to get along more than expected.

Salesforce Buddy Media & more iPad Mini: the Social 6 Roundup

Your clicks, shares, retweets, as always, help shape the Social 6 news & views roundup. Salesforce and its sterling recent acquisition, Buddy Media, were big winners yesterday, though naturally news about the iPad Mini's looming announcement were popular as well. As a matter of fact, the rise of the smaller tablet as its own category so soon after the emergence of the larger form-factor tablet is interesting to take note of, as the Ecommerce Times points out.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff at Dreamforce 2012.

Here's your Social 6:

#6: The Fun Side of Social Media  (Business 2 Community)

#5: Apple Rumors: iPad Mini Photos And Siri On The iMac, As iPhone 5 Dust Settles - (Huffington Post)

#4: Salesforce Unveils New Cloud Products as Rivals Move In  (Businessweek)

#3: 7-Inch Tablets Gobbling Up Market Share (Ecommerce Times)

#2: Chick-fil-A to cease giving money to anti-gay organizations (Boston Spirit)

#1: Salesforce Blends Buddy Media With Radian6 For Its New Social Marketing Cloud (TechCrunch)

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Twitter Profiles, Social Highlights, iPad Mini: the Social 6 roundup

Rumor: 6 Inch iPad Mini Coming Soon
Rumor: 6 Inch iPad Mini Coming Soon (Photo credit:

Trying to streamline the Social 6 by only providing you guys with the links and publications of the articles that attracted the most clicks, shares, retweets, and so on over the last day or so. Today we've got an interesting mix, from social highlights to Twitter's new profiles to -- shocker -- more Apple news (this time it's the iPad Mini). Here's your Social 6 news roundup for 9/19/12:

#6: How Social Media Made Us Narcissists (

#5: Buying Followers On Social Media Sites (San Francisco Chronicle)

#4: The Designers Who Got The Most Social Media Buzz During Fashion Week (Business Insider)

#3: iPad Mini Release Date, Price: Why Screen Size, Retina Display Crucial to Compete with Apps on Kindle Fire 2, HD (Books & Review)

#2: How to change your Twitter header image (Mashable)

#1: Why Book Highlights Are Anti-Social (ReadWriteWeb)

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