Zynga, Social Media in China, and Geolocating Racist Tweets in the Social 6 Weekend Recap

Good morning, folks, and welcome to another week which will likely have a slew of great social media-centric news. This weekend’s shares weren’t half shabby either, between LinkedIn tips, tensions between social media and Chinese leadership, and exactly where racism in the U.S. comes from. Here’s your Social 6:
#6: Zynga Announces Acquisition Of November Software To Build ‘Mid-Core’ Game Battlestone (TechCrunch)
#5: 5 Ways to Improve Your New LinkedIn Company Page
#4: Who’s Vulnerable Among the Internet’s ‘Fantastic Four’? Techonomy Panelists Say It’s Apple And Facebook
#3: Hollande & Sarkozy: How not to use social media in politics or business (Econsultancy)
#2: Social media both friend and foe for China's new leaders (CNN)
#1: Where America’s Racist Tweets Come From (Mashable)

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NYC Marathon Social Media Fallout & 5 other stories in the Social 6 Weekend Recap

I don't want you thinking I'm too NYC-centric, between the NYC Marathon fallout and "Sandy Smartphone" stories in the Social 6, weekend recap edition. There were some pretty big stories shared, clicked on, and retweeted by y'all this weekend, and some pretty great stories missed the cut. See, that's what you get for spending the weekend playing with your kids and taking grandma to the mall.

Here's your Social 6:

#6: Why HR Needs to Address Social Media (Infographic) (Business 2 Community)

#5: Was This Social Media Campaign Free Speech or Cyber-Bullying? (Business 2 Community)

#4: 6 Habits of Highly Successful People Using Social Media for Sales (Social Media Today)

#3: Here’s what NYCers think about the Marathon’s Cancellation (JeremyGoldman.com)

#2: How New Yorkers Adjusted to Sudden Smartphone Withdrawal (New York Times Blog)

#1: How NBC is using Instagram to report the 2012 election  (GigaOM)


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The Top 6 Resources for Businesses to Prepare/Recover from a Storm or Natural Disaster

Right now, a good deal of us are thinking about Hurricane Sandy, and what we ought to be doing to make sure we keep our business and employees safe. Here's a list of some of the best resources to use:

CDC's Storm/Flood and Hurricane Response Emergency Response Resources: Whether you're talking about generator safety or Carbon Monoxide poisoning or psychological first aid, the CDC has a slew of resources listed here.

Ready.gov for Business: The site contains a detailed 5-step plan for businesses to develop their own preparedness program, resources to test your plan, and more.

Nonprofit Coordinating Community of New York Disaster's Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity: Not exactly a website. Instead, this is a link to a 35-page Word doc outlining disaster planning and risk analysis. While chunks of this guide may be obvious to you, I found other segments very useful. Plus, it's a free. All in all, a nice little gem.

Small Business Administration Emergency Preparedness Guide: The SBA has resources to develop an employee-protection plan,
ways to lessen the financial impact of disasters, and identity your business' most critical systems.

ReadyNOVA's Business Preparedness Planner: If you're looking to actually start developing your plan, ReadyNOVA has a 30-minute program that actually lets you develop your plan (or load an existing plan). Once you've created your plan, you can download ReadyNOVA's iOS and Android Apps so you can access to your emergency planners on the go.

FEMA's Property Protection Guide: Whether it's earthquakes, fires, high winds, or floods, FEMA has some helpful tips about how to protect your property from irreparable harm.

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LinkedIn, Women in Binders, and Lynx in The Social 6 News Roundup

I'd normally write more of an intro, but I'm sitting here with my new Community Management Associate, Matthew Lum (AKA @matthewjlum on Twitter), and I know you want to get to the news you missed over the last 24 hours. So, let's dive in, shall we? Here's your binder-less Social 6 for 10/18/12:

#6: Case Study: Restaurant Rewards Customers With Cash-Back Promos (Street Fight)

#5: Aptitude, not influence, makes good social media pros (ZDNet)

#4: Brand Caught Handling Social Media Issue Well! (Marketing Pilgrim)

#3: Lynx Facebook Post Claims Body Spray Can Turn Lesbians Straight (Mashable)

#2: My Tweet-by-Tweet Analysis of Last Night's Debate (JeremyGoldman.com)

#1: LinkedIn's Profile Refresh Is All About the Visuals -- Just Like Other Social Giants  (All Things D)

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Facebook Promoted Posts Top the Social 6 News Roundup for 10/4/12

Is this the most awe-inspiring Social 6 roundup ever? Certainly not. I'd never lie to you guys. That being said, yesterday's social shares did elicit quite a few clicks & shares, most notably related to monetization of the Spotify platform, and Facebook's rollout of Promoted Posts, which could turn out to be a game-changer....or could wind up being a sidebar in a "History of Facebook" book. We'll see.

Without further ado, your Social 6 roundup of news & views:

#6: My 7 Favorite Social Media Tools To Up Your Game (Business 2 Community)

#5: A Social Media Marketing Paradox? (ResidualRx.com)

#4: Looks like the iPad Mini is in production (PC Magazine)

#3: ShoeDazzle Picks Up Another $6M As Founder Brian Lee Gets Back To Work As CEO (TechCrunch)

#2: Can Spotify's App Platform Make Rock'n'Roll Profitable Again? Ask Blur  (ReadWriteWeb)

#1: Facebook's Promoted Posts launch in the US at $7 a pop (TechCrunch)

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Tweetmeme's Farewell, Apple Maps, & 4 more stories you missed in the Social 6

Yesterday wasn't the biggest day ever for interesting news & views around the social media ecosphere, but that's OK. Still, there's plenty to read, including TweetMeme's sad demise, tips for starting a standout small business, and Apple's current challenges -- which, of course, most companies would kill for. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Top 4 gamification apps (PC Advisor)

#5: 5 Tips for Starting Your Own Business (U.S. News & World Report)

#4: Social media badges (ITworld)

#3: Twitter Helps Build Social Data Ecosystem (InformationWeek)

#2: TweetMeme closes shop as its founders focus on social analytics (All Things D)

Tweetmeme will soon be closing the doors on its iconic (well, to me) consumer offering.

Facebook Stats, Hyperlocal, & Video Games: Today's Social 6

A pretty mixed bag of news from the last day were clicked on by you guys yesterday, including a link towards my attempts to enlist more help for the upcoming Going Social companion site.

Without further ago, here's your Social 6 for September 25, 2012:

#6: Gyft Brings Gift Cards From Over 200 Retailers To Apple’s Passbook (TechCrunch)

#5: 7 Reporting Tools for Hyperlocal Journalists  (Streetfight)

#4: Want to Join Team Going Social? Write for Us! (jeremygoldman.com)

#3: The Social Era Is More Than Social Media (Fast Company)

#2: DeathWatch: Video Game Consoles (ReadWriteWeb)

#1: 50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook Page More Than Its Website [INFOGRAPHIC] (Mashable)

Want to Join Team Going Social? Write for Us!

Hi guys. If you're reading this, you may know that I have a book coming out: Going Social: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz, and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media. I'm pretty excited!

Even though I'm psyched, I'm always pretty overworked, to be honest. I'd love to find some help on the writing side. If you can help me develop content for the upcoming goingsoci.al companion site, in exchange, I'd love to mentor you professionally and pay you back with advice and direction. Or give you cookies.

The right candidate will:
- Want to work hard
- Be a decent to great writer to begin with (linking me to samples = important!)
- Have a high degree of interest in online journalism and/or social media

Interested? Contact me using the Contact form on the horizontal nav above. I'd love to hear from you.


Klout, Unfriending Experiments, and iTunes: Today's Social 6 News Roundup

Of course there's still some Apple news that was widely clicked on and shared yesterday, but we're past "the worst" of it. Today we also have some news about tools that can help optimize your social media posts, the need to stay within Facebook's promotional guidelines, and also new upgrades to a popular storefront called iTunes. Oh. wait, that's Apple. Darn it. Anyhow, here's your Social 6 news roundup:

#6: Is lack of NFC hurting iPhone 5's buzz? (Ecommerce Times)

"It doesn't take long for the excitement over a new iPhone launch to disperse, leaving a vague sense of unfulfilled expectations in its place. In the case of the iPhone 5, one of the larger disappointments is the lack of NFC technology. Never mind that few retailers are equipped to accommodate it, and the vast majority of consumers don't even know what it is."

#5: Four Apps That Can Help You Make An Impact With Your Social Media Postings (Business Insider)

"Running around the Internet looking for pertinent news and topics to your business and your customers is like running through a sprinkler as a kid – you might occasionally get lucky with a cool spot, but most of the time you’ll probably be miserable, aching for that next cool spot. Since it is the Internet, there are certainly enough tools out there to help a small business along, but deciding on one might be difficult. I’ve found a few that you might want to take a look at, including a convenient one called ChatterJet."

#4: How to Increase Your Digital Klout (Mashable/Revolution TV)

"On this episode of Revolution, Fernandez talks about the rise of his company, its challenges in measuring digital and real world influence. He also gives tips on what consumers and businesses need to do to make their online influence matter most."

#3: My big unfriending experience on Facebook (Facebook)

"Social Experiment Time! If you see this status & don't think you'll ever talk to me again, feel free to unfriend me! No harm, no foul. I'm just taking a stand that social media isn't about numbers, and is about making valuable connections with people (and brands). The world's becoming increasingly cluttered, and I'd hate to be part of that clutter in your own digital life."

#2: Apple rolling out redesigned iTunes store for desktop & iOS (VentureBeat)

"Along with the announcement of the new iPhone 5, Apple announced some big changes to its iconic music and media store iTunes.The new iTunes’ iOS store app redesign optimizes the screen to focus more on products (such as music, apps, and games)."

#1: 50% of Facebook brand pages are violating Facebook's promotional guidelines, and consequences are severe (Daily Mercury)

"Sunshine Coast social media expert Donna Hamer has warned businesses breaching Facebook rules that they risk having their pages wiped by administrators. Her comments follow those of social media law expert Jamie White who said 50% of Facebook business pages were in breach of Facebook's Promotional Guidelines."

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