LinkedIn’s Follow Feature, Truvia, Facebook Gifts, and more: the Social 6 for 10/3/12

October 3, 2012jeremygoldmanFacebook, LinkedIn, Social 6 Daily RecapsNo Comments

A very late Social 6 roundup today, guys. Sorry about that, but iluminage & life beckons. I’m sure you understand. In any case, the news roundup for today is below. This was actually a ridiculously strong day with a bunch of cool stories breaking…I don’t think I’ve spent as long debating who should receive the […]

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Sheryl Sandberg and Costco Highlight the Social 6 News Roundup for 10/2/12

October 2, 2012jeremygoldmanFacebook, Productivity, Social 6 Daily RecapsNo Comments

Look, everybody, it’s a diverse Social 6 today! From failed IPOs (Facebook) to great advice from thought leaders (Amber Naslund) to retailers running into social media policy challenges (Costco), this one’s got something for everyone. Here’s your Social 6 news & views roundup: #6: The social workplace: Are you prepared? (Denver Business Journal blog) #5: CoCoon, The […]

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Twitter & China, Google+ & Journalism, and Social Media + Screwups: The Social 6

September 27, 2012jeremygoldmanJournalism, Social 6 Daily Recaps, Tablets, TwitterNo Comments

Lots of fun news & views yesterday while I was wallowing away in synagogue for Yom Kippur. Yesterday we had a great set of pieces clicked on & shared by you guys, including Twitter’s interesting strength within China, potential good news for the iPad Mini, and G+’s effect on journalism. Here’s your Social 6: #6: Teenagers […]

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Mixing sharing with privacy: Facebook debuts its Shared Activity plugin

September 20, 2012jeremygoldmanFacebook2 Comments

Via its Developers blog, Facebook today announced the launch of its Shared Activity plugin, which gives users the ability to control the activities they share to Facebook directly from any web app. The plugin offers developers a simple way to implement user controls needed to work with Facebook’s Open Graph built-in actions. More from the Developers blog: “The Shared […]

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