Gay Marriage, Women Entrepreneurs, YouTube Shutting Down: the Social 6 Weekend Edition

Wow, a pretty busy weekend in terms of the quality of the links that were being passed around. Of course, given it happens to be the first of April, the YouTube story simply had to be in the top spot (and it's fun to watch). Yet the two marriage equality links, content sharing techniques, and more shared below are definitely worth more than a look as well. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Facebook's Gay Marriage Map (AllThingsD)

#5: Walmart's Latest Bright Idea: Let Customers Do the Schlepping  (Ecommerce Times)

#4: The Strategy Behind the Viral Red Marriage Equality Campaign (Mashable)

#3: Why are there not more women entrepreneurs? (Forbes)

#2: 43 Proven Content Shares That'll Help You Start Conversations In Your Social Networks (Business 2 Community)

#1: YouTube Announces It's Shutting Down & Picking a Winner (Going Social)

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SXSW Prep, Pinterest Strategy, EasilyDo, and Klout vs. Kred: the Social 6 for 3/5/13

Busy, busy day out there! Today's clicks and shares were off the charts, I tell you. If you have ten minutes to kill -- or more -- we have plenty of great pieces for you. Today we have a buffet of great stuff, from the battle between Klout & Kred, the ramp-up to SXSW, why most of today's social media is going to be around in one way or another in the future. Here's your Social 6:

#6: To-Do List's EasilyDo App Launches A Tool For Creating Automated Tasks (TechCrunch)

#5: Klout Vs. Kred: Which, If Any, Is Better For Your Business? (Forbes)

#4: Warming Up for South by Southwest Interactive 2013 (New York Times blog)

#3: Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning with Purpose? (Social Media Today)

#2: 10 top trends and tips for social and mobile in 2013 (Eye For Travel)

#1: Why (So Much of) Social Media is Here to Stay (Going Social)

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Graph Search Tumblrs, Apple Releases, & Super Bowl Ads: the Social 6 for 1/31/13

There was plenty of great articles to read around the Internet today, but out of everything I shared, the most clicked on and shared piece was my interview on Of course, there's plenty more great reading, including what Super Bowl ads to look forward to, how Google+ can fit into a job search, and how Graph Search is making Tumblr a more fun place. Here's your Social 6:

#6: There's More Behind Apple's Blithe iPad Release Than Meets the Eye (Ecommerce Times)

#5: Why Job Hunters Need To Start Using Google Plus (AOL Jobs)

#4: The 5 most buzz-worthy Super Bowl ads to watch ( blog)

#3: #Me: Instagram Narcissism And The Scourge Of The Selfie (ReadWriteWeb)

#2: Tumblr serves up hilariously awful Facebook Graph searches (The Age)

#1: Does Your Startup Need A Social Media Expert? Five Questions To Find Out (Forbes)

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Timehop, Graph Search, and Vine: the Social 6, Weekend Edition

Over the last few days, the number of stories about Facebook's Graph Search hasn't abated that much, but the velocity at which I've seen new stories about Twitter's new Vine app has been pretty tremendous. We've also got a story about Timehop's timely (sorry, couldn't help it) upgrades, a great analysis of Instagram's top hashtags, and more. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Crowdsourcing: It's Always Been About the Benjamin (Forbes)

#5: Vinepeek Is The Most Addictive New Site On The Internet (Buzzfeed)

#4: Timehop taps USA Today to show you news from today’s date in history, adds ‘Friendversaries’ (The Next Web)

#3: Top 10 Most Popular Tags On Instagram (ReadWriteWeb)

#2: Tumblr Blog “Actual Facebook Graph Searches” Goes Viral (TechCrunch)

#1: 15 Brands already using Twitter’s New Vine App (Social Fresh)

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Poke vs. Snapchat & Social Media Hoaxes: the Social 6 for 12/22/12

It's been a very busy few days following Business 2 Community, as B2C as just been on fire with great content lately. A lot of news on Facebook's new Poke app, which will compete against popular sexting app Snapchat (and I already feel bad for having to type "sexting.") Not to mention, a big roundup of social media hoaxes, which seem to be more commonplace ever time we have a school shooting, superstorm, or anything else of similar magnitude. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Blogging for Business: Are Comments Dead? (Business 2 Community)

#5: Pinterest’s Latest Change Set to Better Businesses  (Business 2 Community)

#4: Fun fact: Facebook’s new Poke app was built in just 12 days (The Next Web)

#3: The History of Social Media (Business 2 Community)

#2: Will Facebook Make Snapchat And WhatsApp History? Maybe Not (Forbes)

#1: 5 Social Media Hoaxes That Went Viral in 2012 (Business 2 Community)

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Blog Tips, Gamification, and Tasti D-Lite: the Social 6 for 12/20/12

Today we've got a heavy dose of Business 2 Community, which is typically a fascinating read -- if you're not following B2C generally I recommend it, as it contains plenty of very practical tips and thought. Actually, overall this is probably one of the least "newsy" days I've had on record, but still plenty of good reading, including my profile of Tasti D-Lite for the Going Social blog. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Cleveland Clinic Diagnoses Health-Care Act  (Wall Street Journal)

#5: Facebook is the New Word of Mouth Marketing (Business 2 Community)

#4: Mario Brothers and Level-up Leadership: Social Entrepreneurship, Gamification, and Religion (Forbes)

#3: 4 Tips for Writing a Blog Post Opening that Turns Heads  (Business 2 Community)

#2: Gain a Social Edge With HootSuite, Topsy, Klout and Buffer  (Business 2 Community)

#1: Tasti D-Lite’s Recipe for Going Social? Technology and Leadership (Going Social)

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2012 Stats, Bundle, MoMa Video Games, and Mike Krieger's Principles: the Social 6 for 12/1/12

Busy Friday we had yesterday! The Interwebs were busy with a tons of clicks (including my guest post, #4). Today we have acquisition of one of the more impressive startups out there, some social media stats that will undoubtedly help you win a trivia competition, and Mike Krieger's product development principles. Let's get right to it, shall we? Here's your Social 6:

#6: Capital One Acquires Bundle, A Data-Driven Local Business Directory (TechCrunch)

#5: Pac-Man, Tetris and 12 others land in The Museum of Modern Art’s new Video Game collection  (The Next Web)

#4: 6 Ways Corporate Culture Can Play Into a Company's Social Media Success (Business Conjunctions)

#3: Yes, Social Media Is Risky -- Find A Way To Make It Work (Forbes)

#1: 100 Fascinating Social Media Statistics and Figures From 2012 (Huffington Post)

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Paperless Post, iPad Mini, and...Bill Nye the Science Guy? The Social 6 for 10/17/12

We're right before holiday season, which means news is definitely picking up. Plenty of worthy candidates over the last 24 hours, but here are the victors - your Social 6 for 10/17/12:

#6: How Bill Nye the Science Guy Would Monitor Social Media (CMSWire)

#5: iPad Mini, Meet Your Ancestors (Baristanet)

#4: Paperless Post Goes Retro And Launches Paper, A New Invitation Printing Business (TechCrunch)

#3: Training Your In-House Social Media Team (Human Resources Journal)

#2: Is Your Business Popular or Influential? (Forbes)

#1: iPad Mini will come in 24 flavors, report says (CNET)

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The Social 6: 8/29/12 News Roundup

By all you know the drill: I share the stories y'all found most interesting over the last 24 hours. So if you disagree with the picks, you'll just have to comment/retweet/favorite things more tomorrow ;)

#6: Social media plays a huge role in product discovery for beauty consumers

This Andrew McDougall piece outlines how social media marketing is on the rise among larger beauty conglomerates such as P&G and L'Oreal.

#5: My Personal Social Story: Why Social Media Platforms Are Fads

April Rudin of The Rudin Group shares her story, which isn't really an anti-social media rant as you might think. Instead, April shows how "social" has always been present in her life, and where she thinks "social" will be going in the near future.

#4: Despite its falling out w/Twitter, Flipboard added 15M users over the past 8 months

While there hasn't been as much buzz around Flipboard lately, it's interesting to see how the adoption of their news aggregation apps haven't slowed down one bit - in fact, they're growing at a 300% clip.

Image representing Flipboard as depicted in Cr...

#3: How to stop "social media shiny object syndrome"

Jason Keath of SocialFresh delivers a great piece (as always) summarizing a recent SocialFresh webinar, and outlines 8 steps to take to properly analyze social media shiny objects.

#2: SumAll Social Metrics Tracks Social Activity Against Web Traffic & Revenue

TechCrunch shares how SumAll, a data visualization firm, has launched SumAll Social Metrics, which can help a company track all of its social activity against KPIs such as web traffic and revenue. Another example of how the conversation is changing from how to get your company to engage, to how your company can monetize that engagement.

#1: How to be yourself on social media...without freaking out your boss

This Forbes piece by Dorie Clark (a writer you need to be following) on how to walk the fine line between representing yourself well online, and embarrassing your company. Dorie's tips are great ways any employee can start thinking about their own approach to social media.

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