Webinar to Attend: Smarter Digital ROI on 12/18 (Hosted by Econsultancy)

You've no doubt heard of Econsultancy and/or consumed their wonderful content, no? Well, on December 18th they're having a webinar covering Smarter Digital Marketing ROI. It's hosted by Econsultancy's Member Services Manager (and overall superstar) Danielle Mackie.

The webinar is focused on introducing folks to member benefits, and how users can achieve Smarter Digital Marketing ROI using Econsultancy's resources, including their Best Practice Guides and their Internet Statistics Compendium.

What's that -- you're not an Econsultancy member yet? You can get started with them here.

I'm going to try to attend this one, since I know I'm not making the best of my Econsultancy membership, and I do love them as an organization. Register here before you forget!

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McDonald's, Social SEO, Antisocial CEOs, and...Norwegian Foxes? Your Social 6 News Roundup for 12/4/12

Yesterday was so full of news from the Social Web, the news that 3 more Microsoft Surface tablets may hit in 2013 didn't make it. In fact, it was such a busy day I didn't feel right including my announcing my new venture, Firebrand Group, on this list. And if we want to only keep it to news, the link to Pam Moore's SAP-sponsored social media webcast (today!) should be excluded - even though you all should definitely be there. Even without all of that, there's plenty to read. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Do your parents/grandparents not know how to text? This Norwegian fox might be able to teach them (Digital Trends)

#5: Top 5 Breakthrough Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore (Inbound Marketing Agents blog)

#4: McDonald's Releases 1st TV Ad with Twitter Hashtag (Mashable)

#3: 10 ½ Ways to Take Advantage of "Social SEO" (Forbes)

#2: Study Finds Users Tweet During TV and Toilet Time (Mashable)

#1: Research: 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs Have Absolutely Zero Social Media Presence (60 Second Marketer)

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Spotify, Bonobos, Lead Gen, and Law Firms' Social Media Use in the Social 6 for 11/13/12

In case you were busy, oh, working on Monday, we've got you covered. The last day saw a number of good stories, from a duo of strong Business 2 Community pieces, to the 2nd part of my two-part discussion with Bonobos' John Rote over on the Going Social companion site, to Spotify's (de)valuation. Here's your Social 6:

#6: The Three Things Marketers Keep Forgetting About Facebook (Business 2 Community)

#5: What Do Startups Need Most Right Now? (Read Write Web)

#4: How To Properly Do Lead Generation Using Social Media (Business 2 Community)

#3: Going Social with...John Rote of Bonobos, Part II (Going Social)

#2: Large law firms lack social media strategy, finds TR report (Legal Business Online)

#1: Where Did Spotify's Billion Dollars Go? Ask Netflix (All Things D)

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NYC Marathon Social Media Fallout & 5 other stories in the Social 6 Weekend Recap

I don't want you thinking I'm too NYC-centric, between the NYC Marathon fallout and "Sandy Smartphone" stories in the Social 6, weekend recap edition. There were some pretty big stories shared, clicked on, and retweeted by y'all this weekend, and some pretty great stories missed the cut. See, that's what you get for spending the weekend playing with your kids and taking grandma to the mall.

Here's your Social 6:

#6: Why HR Needs to Address Social Media (Infographic) (Business 2 Community)

#5: Was This Social Media Campaign Free Speech or Cyber-Bullying? (Business 2 Community)

#4: 6 Habits of Highly Successful People Using Social Media for Sales (Social Media Today)

#3: Here’s what NYCers think about the Marathon’s Cancellation (JeremyGoldman.com)

#2: How New Yorkers Adjusted to Sudden Smartphone Withdrawal (New York Times Blog)

#1: How NBC is using Instagram to report the 2012 election  (GigaOM)


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Want to Join Team Going Social? Write for Us!

Hi guys. If you're reading this, you may know that I have a book coming out: Going Social: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz, and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media. I'm pretty excited!

Even though I'm psyched, I'm always pretty overworked, to be honest. I'd love to find some help on the writing side. If you can help me develop content for the upcoming goingsoci.al companion site, in exchange, I'd love to mentor you professionally and pay you back with advice and direction. Or give you cookies.

The right candidate will:
- Want to work hard
- Be a decent to great writer to begin with (linking me to samples = important!)
- Have a high degree of interest in online journalism and/or social media

Interested? Contact me using the Contact form on the horizontal nav above. I'd love to hear from you.