Instagram Commerce, the Death of the URL, and Tweet Archives: the Social 6 for 12/17/12

Of course, it's been a very sad weekend as we stay on top of all the news related to the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. Here are some of the more important links shared this weekend as most news touched on the massacre. Obviously not much news is shared on the weekend per se, but we have plenty of interesting and important views to stay on top of. I love the top two especially. Here's your Social 6:

#6: On Instagram, a thriving bazaar taps a big market (Waterloo Record)

#5: Why's Apple stock in the pits when analysts have good things to say about the iPhone & iPad lineup? (Business Insider)

#4: Does Facebook’s future rests on lessons from Wal-Mart campaign? (All Things D)

#3: How Music Streaming Service Songza And Audyssey Just Upgraded Your Headphones For Free  (TechCrunch)

#2: Directed Browsing And The Death Of The URL (Forbes)

#1: A Few Reasons Why You’d Want To Download All Of Your Tweets (TechCrunch)

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Path for iPad, Salesforce's Partner Growth, and Mobile Tech at Weddings: The Social 6 for 11/2/12

Now that the iPad Mini is finally available for purchase, I think I'll stop queuing up news about it. Frankly, I'm sleeping through new articles a bit - even though you guys are certainly clicking on all of them. Anyhow, time to let a new topic take "Mini Tablet Wars" space in my tweet queue. With or without the iPad Mini, there was plenty of interesting articles to choose from in the last 24 hours, including the below. Here's your Social 6:

#6: The Economics of Bad Outreach  (SocialMediaExplorer)

#5: Path Comes To The iPad, A Platform Dave Morin Calls “The Future Of The Personal Computer” (Techcrunch)

#4: Amazon Pulls iPad Mini Spec Comparison After Speaker Gaffe (PC Magazine)

#3: Salesforce adds 20 partners to its Marketing Cloud (VatorNews)

#2: How Mobile & Social Technology Can Improve a Wedding (Going Social)

#1: The Reputation Graph Is Going to Take Over the World (Huffington Post)

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Newsjacking, HowDo, and more Kindle Fire vs. iPad Mini Comparisons Top the Social 6 for 11/1/12

Morning, team. In the wake of Sandy, newsjacking has become a very popular topic, and my post discussing it on my companion site, Going Social, took the top spot today. You'll notice plenty of great stories from The Next Web, too, and more of the ongoing Kindle Fire/iPad Mini debate, as the latter is still scheduled to be in stores tomorrow. Here's your Social 6:

#6: 500 Startups unveils its Fall 2012 accelerator lineup  (The Next Web)

#5: HowDo lets people share everyday knowledge, lands seed funding from Wellington Partners and Horizons   (The Next Web)

#4: How Australia's Advertising Standards Board became the Facebook police for business (Crikey)

#3: Kindle Fire vs. iPad Mini: 10 Reasons to Choose the Amazon Tablet (eWeek)

#2: Facebook confirms it's testing new Timeline design w/just 1 column for posts  (The Next Web)

#1: Newsjacking – and its Ramifications for Your Brand’s Social Media  (Going Social)

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The Social 6: the Top Stories You Missed Over the Last 24 Hours, 10/19/12 Edition

Man, did you miss a lot over the last 24 hours. You didn't see Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster's iPad Mini predictions, Facebook potentially making a major move into mobile, and Klout's new moves towards taking Perks more mainstream. Without further ado, here's your Social 6:

#6: The Amway Effect on Social Media Influencers (Huffington Post)

#5: Color's Epic Collapse: Why Everybody Is Loving It  (ReadWriteWeb)

#4: The lure of antisocial behaviour (Financial Times)

#3: Klout Makes Perks Easier to Claim  (Mashable)

#2: Could iPad Mini cannibalize "regular" iPad sales? (CNET)

#1: Facebook Mobile Ad Unit for Apps Now Available to All Developers (Mashable)

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Paperless Post, iPad Mini, and...Bill Nye the Science Guy? The Social 6 for 10/17/12

We're right before holiday season, which means news is definitely picking up. Plenty of worthy candidates over the last 24 hours, but here are the victors - your Social 6 for 10/17/12:

#6: How Bill Nye the Science Guy Would Monitor Social Media (CMSWire)

#5: iPad Mini, Meet Your Ancestors (Baristanet)

#4: Paperless Post Goes Retro And Launches Paper, A New Invitation Printing Business (TechCrunch)

#3: Training Your In-House Social Media Team (Human Resources Journal)

#2: Is Your Business Popular or Influential? (Forbes)

#1: iPad Mini will come in 24 flavors, report says (CNET)

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Baby Boomers, iPad Mini Accessories, and Facebook Follower ROI in the Social 6 for 10/12/12

Hey look, it's the Social 6! This is the first time in awhile not a single one of the articles came from Mashable, oddly enough. There's plenty of good reading below, capped by a very nice piece by @sarahneedleman & @EvelynRusli. Here's your Social 6:

#6: ComScore: Instagram attracts more site engagement than Twitter on smartphones (Brafton)

#5: Social media or sex? A study shows more people are going online (WHP TV)

#4: All Eyes Turn To Boomers And How They Use The Internet (ReadWriteWeb)

#3: The solo entrepreneur's guide to social media time management (Crain's Chicago Business blog)

#2: Retailers gearing up for Apple's 'iPad mini' with plans for accessory displays (Apple Insider)

#1: What's a Facebook Follower Worth? (Wall Street Journal)

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Big Bird, iPad Mini, and Taco Bell Top the Weekend Social 6 Roundup

Did you take a break from reading news across the Interwebz this weekend? I surely hope so. Assuming you did, here's some of what you missed, including how Taco Bell is fighting world hunger, why inventory will be the key to the iPad Mini's success, and how social media can take a so-so job search to a stellar one. There's plenty more, of course; let's dive in:

#6: How the Eels' rugby team leverages social media to succeed (

#5: Don't Mess With Big Bird (New York Times)

#4: Taco Bell launches social media campaign to end hunger (QSR Web)

#3: The Best Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search (Forbes)

#2: iPad Mini's likely launch date means inventory will be everything, say analysts (Computerworld)

Gilt, Pepsi, Wilcoxson, iPad Mini, & Social Scoring dominate the Social 6 roundup

Wow, yesterday was a pretty packed day on the Interwebz. In fact, it was tight enough that ReadWriteWeb's piece on how journalists are using SoundCloud or The Next Web's Can TV go social without being ruined? article didn't make the cut. Oh, and there's the list of 100 Worst Songs Ever from AOL radio that was clicked on & shared an incredibly amount, but I thought that's not what you guys want, is it?*

Here's your Social 6 roundup:

#6: iPad Mini News: Pictures, Pricing, Release Date, Rumors Leak Out (News For Shoppers)

#5: Social search is largely about food & Italian leads the pack [graphic] (The Next Web)

#4: If You're Interested In Influence, Social Scoring Is Of Historic Importance (Fast Company)

#3: For Gilt, selling on Facebook 'was like trying to sell something at a bar' (Business Insider)

#2: Wilcoxson's Ice Cream Sparks Social Media Firestorm (Huffington Post)

#1: Pepsi's head of social sums up his strategy in one word: 'Homophily' (Business Insider)

*Admit it, you clicked on the worst songs ever list.

Klout, iPad Mini, and Facebook Top the Weekend's Social 6 Roundup

I'd be lying if I said this was the most action-packed weekend on the Interwebz ever. It wasn't. In fact, a few of the stories I shared over the weekend (and you guys clicked on, shared, repinned, etc.) were published on Friday. Still, I think there are some gems in here - two apiece for Facebook and gamification, for those of you interested in those topics. I'll let the news & views speak for themselves:

#6: Facebook Kills Photo-Tagging Suggestions for EU Users  (Mashable)

#5: Ten ways to gamify your grid (Hypergrid Business)

#4: Facebook to curb frictionless sharing (CBS News)

#3: Klout's recent updates get a thumbs-up from many marketers (BostInno)

#2: Gamification of the enterprise (Computer World)

#1: iPad Mini Rumors: Apple's Manufacturers Confirm Redesigned, Smaller Tablet (

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