Facebook Plugins, Animated GIFs, and Social Media Myths: Today's Social 6

Annoying, isn't it?


I got flack from some of you guys for being excited about Twitter blocking animated GIFs in profile pictures, but sorry; I hate them. That was clearly one of the bigger stories of the last 24 hours, but Napkin Labs and my post on Facebook's Shared Activity plugin made waves too.

Here's your Social 6:

#6: iPhone 5 and iPad Mini To Have Exchangeable Batteries? (Tapscape)

#5: 8 Social Media Myths Busted (Business 2 Community)

#4: Why Health Care Needs Social Media (Huffington Post)

#3: Napkin Labs launches Facebook ‘Fan Center’ to give brands more qualitative customer relationships (The Next Web)

#2: Twitter Blocks Animated GIFs in Profile Pics (Mashable)

#1: Mixing sharing with privacy: Facebook debuts its Shared Activity plugin (jeremygoldman.com)

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Salesforce Buddy Media & more iPad Mini: the Social 6 Roundup

Your clicks, shares, retweets, as always, help shape the Social 6 news & views roundup. Salesforce and its sterling recent acquisition, Buddy Media, were big winners yesterday, though naturally news about the iPad Mini's looming announcement were popular as well. As a matter of fact, the rise of the smaller tablet as its own category so soon after the emergence of the larger form-factor tablet is interesting to take note of, as the Ecommerce Times points out.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff at Dreamforce 2012.

Here's your Social 6:

#6: The Fun Side of Social Media  (Business 2 Community)

#5: Apple Rumors: iPad Mini Photos And Siri On The iMac, As iPhone 5 Dust Settles - (Huffington Post)

#4: Salesforce Unveils New Cloud Products as Rivals Move In  (Businessweek)

#3: 7-Inch Tablets Gobbling Up Market Share (Ecommerce Times)

#2: Chick-fil-A to cease giving money to anti-gay organizations (Boston Spirit)

#1: Salesforce Blends Buddy Media With Radian6 For Its New Social Marketing Cloud (TechCrunch)

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Twitter Profiles, Social Highlights, iPad Mini: the Social 6 roundup

Rumor: 6 Inch iPad Mini Coming Soon
Rumor: 6 Inch iPad Mini Coming Soon (Photo credit: methodshop.com)

Trying to streamline the Social 6 by only providing you guys with the links and publications of the articles that attracted the most clicks, shares, retweets, and so on over the last day or so. Today we've got an interesting mix, from social highlights to Twitter's new profiles to -- shocker -- more Apple news (this time it's the iPad Mini). Here's your Social 6 news roundup for 9/19/12:

#6: How Social Media Made Us Narcissists (EBONY.com)

#5: Buying Followers On Social Media Sites (San Francisco Chronicle)

#4: The Designers Who Got The Most Social Media Buzz During Fashion Week (Business Insider)

#3: iPad Mini Release Date, Price: Why Screen Size, Retina Display Crucial to Compete with Apps on Kindle Fire 2, HD (Books & Review)

#2: How to change your Twitter header image (Mashable)

#1: Why Book Highlights Are Anti-Social (ReadWriteWeb)

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