Twitter + Starcom, Bad Careers, Gamification in Healthcare: the Social 6 for 4/23/12

Plenty of good links out there all over the web today. Come to think of it, most days I find great content with your help. My only wish is that I had more hours in the day to read. Speaking of reading, let's get started, shall we? Here's your Social 6:

#6: If Planet Earth Used a Social Network (Comic) (AllThingsD)

#5: A look at the future of gamification, mobile apps & social media in the health industry (Money Marketing)

#4: 26 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Business and Networking (Social Media Examiner)

#3: Anyone Can Be Found on Social Media in 12 Hours (Mashable)

#2: Twitter Signs Lucrative Deal With Ad Agency Starcom (New York Times)

#1: Want to know what careers to avoid? Here are the worst jobs of 2013 (CareerCast)

Bieber Debit Cards, Biz Best Practices, Social Media Hostility

Well it's a busy day, so it's a short post from me. Sorry, I'm boring today. still love me since you're still reading this :).

Here's your Social 6:

#6: On being a hero (Christopher S. Penn blog)

#5: Hostility on social networks rises to 78% of users (Slashgear)

#4: The Wild and Wonderful Future of Wireless (Ecommerce Times)

#3: With Social Media, the Proof Is in the Payoff (Everything PR)

#2: Bieber Backs a Debit Card for Teenagers, From Parents (New York Times)

#1: Several social networks open up portals for business best practices (Social Fresh)

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SXSW Lessons, SimpleWash, & Why People Get Unfriended: the Social 6 for 3/11/13

Who cares about SXSW, anyways? Oh, right, you're all there right now.

Kidding aside, though there has been some great news coming out of the festival in Austin, there's plenty more great pieces that have been clicked & shared today, including a parody of the new Yahoo! employee policy, how SimpleWash can help with Facebook management, and why folks wind up getting unfriended on Facebook. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Breaking News: Yahoo!'s "no work-from-home" policy completely saves company (iMedia Connection)

#5: How to Determine if a Facebook Business Page has Fake Fans (Pam Moore blog)

#4: SimpleWash, the Easiest Way to Clean Up Your Facebook Page (Mashable)

#3: How social media is transforming movie theatres (New York Times)

#2: SXSW13 Panel Says Online Influencers Don't Sway Action (The Holmes Report)

#1: The top 10 Reasons why people unfriend others on Facebook: [INFOGRAPHIC] (Right Mix Marketing)

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SXSW Prep, Pinterest Strategy, EasilyDo, and Klout vs. Kred: the Social 6 for 3/5/13

Busy, busy day out there! Today's clicks and shares were off the charts, I tell you. If you have ten minutes to kill -- or more -- we have plenty of great pieces for you. Today we have a buffet of great stuff, from the battle between Klout & Kred, the ramp-up to SXSW, why most of today's social media is going to be around in one way or another in the future. Here's your Social 6:

#6: To-Do List's EasilyDo App Launches A Tool For Creating Automated Tasks (TechCrunch)

#5: Klout Vs. Kred: Which, If Any, Is Better For Your Business? (Forbes)

#4: Warming Up for South by Southwest Interactive 2013 (New York Times blog)

#3: Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning with Purpose? (Social Media Today)

#2: 10 top trends and tips for social and mobile in 2013 (Eye For Travel)

#1: Why (So Much of) Social Media is Here to Stay (Going Social)

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Chris Hadfield, LinkedIn Marketing, and Facebook Redesign: the Social 6 Weekend Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! Over the weekend (I'm including Friday) there was plenty of activity around the Internet, with a good deal of attention, unsurprisingly, on Facebook's unveil of a new news feed this coming week. Besides news on the Facebook front, we also have how 20-somethings are being put to their limits in today's workplace, astronaut Chris Hadfield's homespun social media branding, and why LinkedIn is topping Facebook as the top social media platform according to top companies. Here's your Social 6:

#6: The hardest selling lesson of all  (Christopher S. Penn blog)

#5: Longer hours (and lower pay) for a lot of 20-somethings (New York Times)

#4: How astronaut Chris Hadfield is an example of expert social media branding (London Free Press)

#3: Facebook trials tweaked single-column Timeline design and new ‘Like Page’ button in New Zealand (The Next Web)

#2: Inc. 500: LinkedIn Chucks Out Facebook From Top Social Tool [Study] (Daze Info)

#1: Here's what to expect from the new Facebook news feed (ReadWrite)

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The Onion Missteps, Running Apps, Facebook Ad Changes, Twitter Hacks: the Social 6 for 2/25/13

Yesterday was an action-packed day, if you're a social media nerd like me. Enough so that plenty of great contestants didn't get onto the list. The stories left standing, of course, make up a very diverse Social 6, from a rundown of running apps, to Netflix's use of analytics to power their programming, to a rare apology from The Onion regarding an unfortunate joke aimed at a nine year-old. Here's your Social 6:

#6: What real-time marketers should learn from Frost Mages (Christopher S. Penn blog)

#5: Twitter Hackings Put Focus on Security for Brands  (New York Times)

#4: Three Running Apps to Shake Up Your Routine (AllThingsD)

#3: The Onion apologizes for Quvenzhané Wallis Comment (Mashable)

#2: Netflix is using Big Data to ensure House of Cards' popularity (New York Times)

#1: Facebook is decreasing image size for non-social page post ads. Here's what you need to know (Sprout Social blog)

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Poland Spring, Kickstarter, Tim Cook, Graph Search: the Social 6 for 2/14/13

Busy busy day, I tell you! All you kids weren't too busy with Valentine's Day, it seems like – you were clicking and tweeting up a storm based on everything that I shared out today. We had quite a few good stories, including Poland Spring's activity (or lack thereof) regarding the Marco Rubio's parched throat, Kickstarter's push towards mobile, and whether or not IT or Marketing really is at the helm with respect to new technology adoption. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Tempo Smart Calendar for iPhone launches as a digital assistant to prepare you for your next meeting

#5: In Tech, Does IT or Marketing Rule? (New York Times blog)

#4: Things to like about Facebook Graph Search (The Droid Guy)

#3: The Patient and Telling Vocabulary of Apple CEO Tim Cook (Ecommerce Times)

#2: Poland Spring Missed A Realtime Social Media Splash, And It Doesn’t Matter (SocialFresh)

#1: Kickstarter launches its mobile offensive with a new iOS app (The Next Web)

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Twitter and Vine Upgrades, Facebook Quitters, and the Gun Debate: the Social 6 for 2/6/13

Over the last 24 hours, we had six great stories from six different publications, covering everything from the gun debate's divisiveness on Twitter to an interview with Erik Lautier of Lacoste on the Going Social site, to stats about Facebook quitters to updates to Twitter and Vine. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Things Get Rough on Twitter over Gun Debate (New York Times blog)

#5: Twitter Tweaks Search and Discover Products (All Things D)

#4: Vine gets 17+ age rating, option to report users; finally enables social sharing after videos are posted (The Next Web)

#3: Most Facebook Users Have Quit For At Least A Few Weeks (ReadWriteWeb)

#2: Going Social with...Erik Lautier of Lacoste (Going Social)

#1: 9 Things We'd Change About Vine (Mashable)

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