McDonald's, Social SEO, Antisocial CEOs, and...Norwegian Foxes? Your Social 6 News Roundup for 12/4/12

Yesterday was so full of news from the Social Web, the news that 3 more Microsoft Surface tablets may hit in 2013 didn't make it. In fact, it was such a busy day I didn't feel right including my announcing my new venture, Firebrand Group, on this list. And if we want to only keep it to news, the link to Pam Moore's SAP-sponsored social media webcast (today!) should be excluded - even though you all should definitely be there. Even without all of that, there's plenty to read. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Do your parents/grandparents not know how to text? This Norwegian fox might be able to teach them (Digital Trends)

#5: Top 5 Breakthrough Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore (Inbound Marketing Agents blog)

#4: McDonald's Releases 1st TV Ad with Twitter Hashtag (Mashable)

#3: 10 ½ Ways to Take Advantage of "Social SEO" (Forbes)

#2: Study Finds Users Tweet During TV and Toilet Time (Mashable)

#1: Research: 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs Have Absolutely Zero Social Media Presence (60 Second Marketer)

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Spotify Apps, Cover Photo Crackdown, and the Rise of the PANK: The Social 6 News Roundup for 12/3/12

Welcome back, everyone! I know a lot of you take a breather from being deeply embedded in news sources the entire week and I don't blame you. That being said, we had a very useful stories last week, from how to leverage apps to improve your Spotify music discovery, to the risk of the PANK, to Facebook's crackdown on certain types of cover photos. Here's your Social 6:

#6: 9 Key Elements Of A Successful Social Media Strategy (Social Strand)

#5: New Study Uncovers 23 Million Powerful American Women -- and They're Not Moms (Huffington Post)

#4: Top 5 Spotify Apps For Music Discovery  (ReadWriteWeb)

#3: Let the Gamification Begin (TIME)

#2: Beware, folks; Facebook is cracking down on promotional cover photos (Mashable)

#1: 3 Unexpected Mobile Tips (iMedia Connection)

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2012 Stats, Bundle, MoMa Video Games, and Mike Krieger's Principles: the Social 6 for 12/1/12

Busy Friday we had yesterday! The Interwebs were busy with a tons of clicks (including my guest post, #4). Today we have acquisition of one of the more impressive startups out there, some social media stats that will undoubtedly help you win a trivia competition, and Mike Krieger's product development principles. Let's get right to it, shall we? Here's your Social 6:

#6: Capital One Acquires Bundle, A Data-Driven Local Business Directory (TechCrunch)

#5: Pac-Man, Tetris and 12 others land in The Museum of Modern Art’s new Video Game collection  (The Next Web)

#4: 6 Ways Corporate Culture Can Play Into a Company's Social Media Success (Business Conjunctions)

#3: Yes, Social Media Is Risky -- Find A Way To Make It Work (Forbes)

#1: 100 Fascinating Social Media Statistics and Figures From 2012 (Huffington Post)

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Facebook Monetization, MyHeritage, Banjo, & Reddit: the Social 6 for 11/29/12

There was just so much goodness going around yesterday that this story about 500px's arrival on iPhone got crowded out - and 500px is a pretty sharp site/platform/service. I'd have put it in the top 6, but alas, the rules are the same as always: whatever I share that you guys click on & share the most, that's what I then rank and sort out to determine the Social 6. My piece on Banjo's new release topped the list, but we also have MyHeritage's new trove of cash, Facebook monetization efforts, and much more. Here's your Social 6:

#6: 5 Fascinating Facts We Learned From Reddit This Week  (Mashable)

#5: Family-oriented social network raises $25 million and buys its main rival Geni (The Next Web)

#4: Facebook's new tactics to convince page owners to run ads (Inside Facebook)

#3: Box VP Sam Schillace: People won’t tolerate crappy enterprise apps anymore (VentureBeat)

#2: Facebook's new push for getting its users credit card numbers (Mashable)

#1: Why Banjo is the Future of Social Networking  (Going Social)

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Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Fashion-Tech, & Libel: the Social 6, Weekend Recap Edition

I wouldn't blame you for relaxing and staying off of the Internet this weekend, assuming you were exhausted from Turkey Thursday and Black Friday. Still, there's plenty going on out there, so I'm collecting some of my most heavily clicked & shared links from this past weekend. Here's your Social 6:

#6 Sorry, Beliebers: ‘Gangnam Style’ is now the most-viewed YouTube video *ever*  (Mashable)

#5 Libel Case That Snared BBC Widens to Twitter Users (New York Times)

#4 Going For “Pretty First” Is Wrong: A Designer’s Take On App Development  (TechCrunch)

#3 My Top 6 Cyber Monday Deals  (

#2 [Op-Ed] The Problem with Most Fashion-Tech Startups  (The Business of Fashion)

#1 Black Friday sales online top $1 billion for 1st time: comScore (Reuters)

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Yammer, Data Visualization, and the Facebook Stock Rally Top the Social 6 for 11/15/12

You know the drill by now: I share what you guys clicked on, shared, and retweeted the most yesterday, which was actually a doozy of a day. I especially recommend #2, though I'm admittedly a bit biased since I'm an entrepreneur worried about his health. Here's your Social 6:

#6: Social media overwhelming some SMBs (BizReport)

#5: 75 things @pammktgnut learned on her journey to 100,000 Twitter followers (Business 2 Community)

#4: Yammer + SharePoint: Microsoft's Social Strategy Isn't Social, It's Collaborative  (ReadWriteWeb)

#3: Facebook’s Stock Rally & How The Company Can Have More of Them (Going Social)

#2: New study finds that entrepreneurship is good for your health (Business Insider)

#1: Seven data visualization lessons from Visualized NYC (World Bank Data blog)

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Spotify, Bonobos, Lead Gen, and Law Firms' Social Media Use in the Social 6 for 11/13/12

In case you were busy, oh, working on Monday, we've got you covered. The last day saw a number of good stories, from a duo of strong Business 2 Community pieces, to the 2nd part of my two-part discussion with Bonobos' John Rote over on the Going Social companion site, to Spotify's (de)valuation. Here's your Social 6:

#6: The Three Things Marketers Keep Forgetting About Facebook (Business 2 Community)

#5: What Do Startups Need Most Right Now? (Read Write Web)

#4: How To Properly Do Lead Generation Using Social Media (Business 2 Community)

#3: Going Social with...John Rote of Bonobos, Part II (Going Social)

#2: Large law firms lack social media strategy, finds TR report (Legal Business Online)

#1: Where Did Spotify's Billion Dollars Go? Ask Netflix (All Things D)

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Social Media in 2013, Election Fallout, and Instagram Web Profiles in Today's Social 6 News Recap

Happy morning after the morning after! I'm referring, of course, to election night, which spurred a number of follow-up stories I shared out yesterday, and am recapping today. If you're already over the election, no problem: we have a few other highlights, including Instagram's new web profiles, a pee-powered generator (that's one innovation I'd never think of), and predictions on the future of social media by a number of pundits (including yours truly). Here's your Social 6:

#6: Premature Elizabeth Warren Twitter Rumor Dupes News Sites, Journalists  (Mashable)
#5: Twitter’s Best Election Night LOLs (Mashable)
#4: Forget apps and other useless startups: These four African girls have created a pee-powered generator (The Next Web)
#3: Romney Camp Retooling Campaign After Latest Setback  (The Onion)
#2: Setting Your Instagram to ‘Private’ (& why you may want to) (Mashable)
#1: The Future of Social Media: 50 Experts Share 2013 Predictions (Business 2 Community)

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