Tweetmeme’s Farewell, Apple Maps, & 4 more stories you missed in the Social 6

September 28, 2012jeremygoldmanSocial 6 Daily Recaps, TwitterNo Comments

Yesterday wasn’t the biggest day ever for interesting news & views around the social media ecosphere, but that’s OK. Still, there’s plenty to read, including TweetMeme‘s sad demise, tips for starting a standout small business, and Apple’s current challenges — which, of course, most companies would kill for. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: Top 4 gamification apps (PC Advisor)

#5: 5 Tips for Starting Your Own Business (U.S. News & World Report)

#4: Social media badges (ITworld)

#3: Twitter Helps Build Social Data Ecosystem (InformationWeek)

#2: TweetMeme closes shop as its founders focus on social analytics (All Things D)

Tweetmeme will soon be closing the doors on its iconic (well, to me) consumer offering.

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