Agencies: Here is the Problem with Saying “the Client”

I work with a lot of companies who consider themselves to be agencies. There’s not really anything wrong with that, even though there are a lot of things that I don’t really love about how agencies operate. There are actually a lot of things, that’s probably for another point in time.

The agency practice I wanted to focus on/rant abou today was referring to the client as, well, “the client” during internal discussions. Even in internal discussions, I always want to refer to the client by the brand’s name, because I don’t want to even for a second make it feel impersonal. Also, referring to the client as “the client” makes you feel separate from them. I don’t want to feel separate from my clients. I want to feel like we are part of the same team, and their mission is my mission.

I think that that’s why when I am speaking to clients of Firebrand Group, I don’t say “you” in conversation when referring to them. I say “we.” Is it a small difference? Maybe. But for me, it represents something bigger.

By jeremygoldman

social media pundit.

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