Blog Tips, Gamification, and Tasti D-Lite: the Social 6 for 12/20/12

Today we’ve got a heavy dose of Business 2 Community, which is typically a fascinating read — if you’re not following B2C generally I recommend it, as it contains plenty of very practical tips and thought. Actually, overall this is probably one of the least “newsy” days I’ve had on record, but still plenty of good reading, including my profile of Tasti D-Lite for the Going Social blog. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: Cleveland Clinic Diagnoses Health-Care Act  (Wall Street Journal)

#5: Facebook is the New Word of Mouth Marketing (Business 2 Community)

#4: Mario Brothers and Level-up Leadership: Social Entrepreneurship, Gamification, and Religion (Forbes)

#3: 4 Tips for Writing a Blog Post Opening that Turns Heads  (Business 2 Community)

#2: Gain a Social Edge With HootSuite, Topsy, Klout and Buffer  (Business 2 Community)

#1: Tasti D-Lite’s Recipe for Going Social? Technology and Leadership (Going Social)

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