Contrail Systems, Bunchball, and Hi-Tech Jeans: the Social 6 for 12/14/12

Folks, yesterday we had a pretty mixed bag with respect to stories being shared. Between bluetooth clothing, viral film marketing, and incredibly profitable (and quick) exits from the market, yesterday had it all. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: The ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer Lays Bare All of Guillermo Del Toro’s Viral Secrets (The Atlantic Wire)

#5: Bunchball shows off the ‘rock stars’ of gamification (VentureBeat)

#4: 5 Ways to Build Your Brand On Twitter with Meaningful Followers (Resource Nation blog)

#3: Case Study: Behind Instagram’s Growth

#2: These Jeans Will Update Facebook for You  (Mashable)

#1: 2 Days After It Launched, This Startup Sold For $176 Million (Business Insider)

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