Foursquare Discounts, Mailbox, Gamification & Heroic Pigs: the Social 6 for 2/26/13

Incredibly busy day all around! The social sharing around my links was probably 250% what it was on a normal day. Is there something in the water?

Today we had plenty of great news, including surprisingly stats about the future of gamification, some viral marketing that tricked quite a few of us, and how not everyone is jumping on the Mailbox bandwagon (I personally like it, but I’m not bowing at its altar). Here’s your Social 6:

#6: Foursquare Partners with Visa, MasterCard for Discounts (Ad Age)

#5: Really Cute, but Totally Faked (New York Times)

#4: After Waiting Two Weeks For Mailbox, The Massively Hyped Email App, I Deleted It After Two Days (Business Insider)

#3: 50% of companies will gamify innovation by 2015 (MarketingMag AU)

#2: How I Got @JCrew to Start Tweeting Again (Likeable Media blog)

#1: LinkedIn compiles testimonials from 70 leaders in its latest series (LinkedIn)

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