Fox News Gaffes, Basecamp, Rental Boyfriends, & Racial Bias in Google Ads? The Social 6, Weekend Recap

Hope you all enjoyed this past weekend! If you were off gallivanting, you may have missed some of the top stories I shared and subsequently, were re-shared/clicked on by my social audience. This weekend we had great news & views including Basecamp’s official iOS debut after years and years, some troubling data about Google ads, Twitter’s effectiveness as a job search guide, and more. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: Upcoming tech & media events you should attend [Discounts] (The Next Web)

#5: Single This Valentine’s Day? Get a Rental Boyfriend (Jezebel)

#4: Basecamp Finally Launches An “Official” iOS App (TechCrunch)

#3: Fox News Accidentally Uses Photo of Gay Couple To Illustrate Traditional Gender Roles (Jezebel)

#2: How to Effectively Use Twitter as a Job Search Resource (Mashable)

#1: Racial Bias in Google Ads? (Ecommerce Times)

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