Here’s Why I Use Toodledo for Task Management

Recently, I become somewhat bummed out over my lack of productivity. I don’t think I was unproductive per se; I just knew I could be more productive if I got better organized with respect to my tasks. I started looking for an easy to use app that works well with my iPad & iPhone and also had a strong browser-based interfaced as well, in order to keep track of all of my work (and home) tasks. I’m happy to say, I just found a pretty great one in Toodledo.

Here’s a quick rundown of features:
  • Ability to set up tasks & organize into different folders (i.e. home, work, etc.)
  • Reminders when a task due date is approaching by SMS, email, or Twitter
  • Collaborate with others – i.e. share your list/see others’ lists
  • Set up notes which can be auto-synced to your iOS device
  • Share accomplishments on your social channels & assign yourself new tasks via Twitter
  • Get statistics as to how you’re working & managing tasks
  • Scheduler: When you’re feeling indecisive,¬†all you need to do is specify how much time you have available to work and the app will recommend what to do.
When it comes to all of the features above, it’s important to note some are free, and some of these you need to pay for. However, a Pro membership is pretty chock-full of value, and you can upgrade for $14.95 a year. If that’s not a price you’re willing to pay for powerful task management, maybe ask yourself: are you really that serious about getting organized?
All in all, I’m pretty impressed so far. The browser interface isn’t as attractive as the iOS version, but that’s not the worst thing. If you’re looking for a good task manager, it’s definitely worth a look!

By jeremygoldman

social media pundit.

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