Highlights from last night’s GOP Debate

As some of you know, I like to live tweet events. This includes presidential debates. I was a political science major and I love politics. And if any of you think this is partisan, feel free to look at what I tweet when the “other side” is debating.

Here’s how last night went down:

First off, below: it’s a cheap shot, but hey, he opened the door. To the pyramid.

I give Carly Fiorina points for A) going to the same business school as me, and B) presenting very well at debates, but her inaccurate statements annoy me a good deal.

Points to Rubio for being topical, but why are mobile games important to any serious debate? I mean…I am actually asking this question.

One of the things that admittedly annoys me to no end is when everyone agrees to the rules – such as time limits – and then they totally get thrown out the window.

The long trailer for the Benghazi movie seemed to get good critical response, leading me to comment:

And then…it was over. I’m happy this debate was more substantive than some of the others, but still would have liked them to force candidates to give more specific policy answers. And, kind of wanted Christie on the main stage. Curious what you guys thought; tweet me anytime!

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