Jeremy’s Week in Instagram, 8/10-8/16

I thought it might be fun to highlight the past week’s top Instagram posts of mine, based off of total likes:

Honorable Mention: Pizza Baby

Adeline had her first slice of pizza. Well, her first pizza crust. And she barely has teeth. But still. It’s adorable.

#3: 57th & Madison

With the crossing light changing and the work day ending, I quickly snapped a few photos as I crossed the street. I think all of the activity on the streets is one of the reasons I just love New York City as much as I do.

#2: Puck & Winona

I know it looks like he’s going to pounce on her, but Puck is actually good friends with Winona. I’m not sure if Winona cares much one way or the other, but either way, it’s fun to watch.

#1: Robin Williams

It was a very sad day not just in Hollywood, but all across the world when we learned about Robin Williams’ death. The first television show I remember watching was Mork & Mindy, so Williams’ influence on me throughout my life couldn’t be overstated. He really touched the world in a major way, and not everyone can say that.

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