Mixing sharing with privacy: Facebook debuts its Shared Activity plugin

Via its Developers blog, Facebook today announced the launch of its Shared Activity plugin, which gives users the ability to control the activities they share to Facebook directly from any web app.

The plugin offers developers a simple way to implement user controls needed to work with Facebook’s Open Graph built-in actions.

More from the Developers blog:

“The Shared Activity plugin lists a person’s activities published from your app to Facebook including Open Graph activities, Like button stories, and comment plugin activities. For example, when an individual uses a music app, she could modify the privacy settings, through the plugin, for specific song listening activities, without needing to go back to Facebook to control what’s shown. Similarly, if a person, through a travel app, likes a restaurant or reviews a hotel, and decides that these activities should only be viewable to a select group on friends on Facebook, he can control this within the plugin as well.”

This is one of many recent steps Facebook has taken to encourage the general public to share more, while at the same time assure consumers that their sharing activity can be modified at any time. It will be interesting to see how quickly the Shared Activity plugin gains mass adoption.

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  1. One giant ‘LIKE’ for this! I don’t mind sharing my activity on Facebook, but I definitely want the ability to control what is shared. I know that is possible now, but this seems like it will make the process a lot easier. Glad to see this update. Thanks for the 411 as always!

    1. Seems like a lot of people agree! The hypothesis that more people will share if they’re more in control of their settings seems to be pretty sound, and Facbook continues to bank on it. Thanks for sharing!

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