Path for iPad, Salesforce’s Partner Growth, and Mobile Tech at Weddings: The Social 6 for 11/2/12

Now that the iPad Mini is finally available for purchase, I think I’ll stop queuing up news about it. Frankly, I’m sleeping through new articles a bit – even though you guys are certainly clicking on all of them. Anyhow, time to let a new topic take “Mini Tablet Wars” space in my tweet queue. With or without the iPad Mini, there was plenty of interesting articles to choose from in the last 24 hours, including the below. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: The Economics of Bad Outreach  (SocialMediaExplorer)

#5: Path Comes To The iPad, A Platform Dave Morin Calls “The Future Of The Personal Computer” (Techcrunch)

#4: Amazon Pulls iPad Mini Spec Comparison After Speaker Gaffe (PC Magazine)

#3: Salesforce adds 20 partners to its Marketing Cloud (VatorNews)

#2: How Mobile & Social Technology Can Improve a Wedding (Going Social)

#1: The Reputation Graph Is Going to Take Over the World (Huffington Post)

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