Sensegon, Gamification, and Social TV highlight the Social 6 News Roundup

Got busy at work yesterday and didn’t have a chance to check out what was going on in the worlds of social media, gamification, startups, and social TV? No worries – I have you covered. Here’s the Social 6 roundup of the last 24 hours:

#6: YC-Backed Referly Raises $1M To Bring Affiliate Commerce To Everyone (TechCrunch)

#5: Can social media drive real sustainable change? (The Guardian blog)

#4: Questions and Answers on How The Times Handles Online Comments (New York Times blog)

#3: Sensegon Plans To Improve Ad Targeting Based On Your Personality (TechCrunch)

#2: Are you being played? How tech companies use gamification (VentureBeat)

#1: Why Social Media Needs TV and TV Needs Social (Ad Age)

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