The Social 6: 8/25/12 News Roundup

Social media in sustainability: your questions answered

This Guardian piece is a Q&A with Dana Poole, a global digital communications consultant with BP. The answers given here are useful not just for a social media practitioner interested in sustainability, but for anyone involved with social marketing in general.

Storytelling, One Frame at a Time

Want a compelling for how visuals elicit engagement on social platforms? Look no further.

Global communications agency M Booth developed this great Infographic from multiple data sources,which was then shared on Mashable, which I then pinned, and later tweeted. Don’t you just love how information spreads these days?

Facebook releases update for iPhone/iPad app, claims it’s twice as fast

I’ll admit I was late on sharing this news: the new “5.0” version of Facebook’s iOS app debuted Thursday on the App Store, debuting to largely solid if not spectacular reviews.

What’s wrong with Microsoft’s new logo, & how to avoid the same mistakes

Microsoft unveiled its new logo this past week, and many have called it an outright failure. While there’s truth in the fact that a logo might have less power for a multinational conglomerate for which most people have quite established views already, it’s hard to argue logos simply don’t matter. This Entrepreneur piece by Jason Fell outlines what went wrong, and how to avoid those pitfalls yourself.

Multiple People Shot Near Empire State Building

I work a few blocks from the Empire State Building, and yet I found out about the situation via social media. Within minutes, the news of the shooting was seemingly everywhere. Yesterday’s shooting was another case study in how quickly journalists need to get the story right, as there’s such pressure to be the first to report on details.

Apple v. Samsung verdict, & what it means

As you’ve probably read, a judge had a $1 Billion+ settlement in favor of Apple in its case against Samsung.  We’ll probably be dissecting this case for awhile to come, but Rachel King’s ZD Net piece begins to frame how Samsung and other phone manufacturers will have to steer pretty clear of designs and gestures originated by Apple in the future. When you think about it, isn’t that better for us consumers?

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