The Social 6: Key Stories from The Last 24 hours, 8/1/12

As you may know, I’m a pretty voracious reader and generally share a bunch of news & reviews via my social platforms. Here’s a countdown of the top six most important articles I’ve shared in the last day. I curate this top six based on number of retweets, clicks, favorites, and mentions, so you guys are a large part of what ends up listed here :).

#6 Twitter Launches Clickable Stock Symbols, StockTwits’ Howard Lindzon Says “Hey, We Already Do That!”

Twitter quietly rolled out another new feature. This may seem simple and straightforward at first but could actually have big issues. Rip Epson of TechCrunch reports on how Twitter  via its very own Twitter account announced users can now click on stock (or “ticker”) symbols in any tweet to view search results for those stocks and companies – and what kind of impact this will have.

#5 [Review] Eloqua’s Grande Guide to Community Management 

Eloqua has published another on of their Guides! This one revolved around Community Management. Robyn Tippins of ReadWriteWeb says she was able to get a copy on Thursday and wanted to share her review now that it’s available. The writers of ebook is written by great people who are loved in the community management and content strategy sphere, Brett Petersel (Co-Founder of The Community Manager) and Jesse Noyes (Managing Editor at Eloqua) wrote the bulk of the document with contributions from Nate McGee, Alan Belniak and Lauren Harper.

#4 Bizzabo adds a social and mobile twist to business events, raises $1.5m

Robin Wauter of TNW says Bizzabo, the Israeli maker of a smartphone app that helps professionals network with peers at conferences and tradeshows, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. The money comes from a group of investors and investment firms, including Jeff Pulver, former 888 Holdings CEO Gigi Levy, among others.

#3 Who’s That Girl? Chick-fil-A’s Social Media Blunder

By now, the Chick-fil-A PR disaster has made huge headlines, and put the chain in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. As you may know, Jim Henson’s company recently severed their ties with Chick-fil-A due to their stance on gay marriage, and the fast food giant blundered their response, to put it mildly. This a great example on why your business needs to tread carefully when it comes to sensitive topics. Good read!

#2 Goodbye, Gmail Video Chat. Hello Google+ Hangouts

Gmail has had video chat since 2008. But its time for something newer and better so wave your last goodbyes to your buddy list.  Chris Taylor of Mashable reports that Google will be be replacing Gmail video chat with Google+ Hangouts. The differences between the two is the old video chat was based on peer-to-peer technology. Now hangouts, utilize will the power of Google’s network to deliver higher reliability and enhanced quality.

#1 Ah, so that’s Twitter’s strategy: A “clickable” world

Does Twitter have a secret strategy to become more of a “starting point” for all your digital browsing activity? Now that  “Cashtags” (clickable stock symbols) are becoming a clickable part of Twitter became popular, it’s interesting to see where Twitter might take this strategy. Drew Olanoff of TNW thinks this could include making bits and pieces of data clickable, leading you to a full stream of context around a topic or item.

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