The Social 6: Stories You Missed This Past (Long) Weekend, 9/4/12

Welcome back to work, guys! Not surprisingly, there wasn’t a tremendous wealth of news & views out there to curate from the long weekend, but here are some of the highlights you may have missed:

#6: My1Login’s test page is a nifty way to see exactly how weak your password choices are

“The password management service My1Login offers a smart way to remember all of those passwords and key phrases by literally boiling them all down to one. Now it is also offering a Web page where visitors can find out why they might need a password manager and measure the strength of passwords they might consider to be safe.”

#5: 6 Tips For Using Instagram In Your Social Media Marketing

Marketo released an infographic recently with 5 steps to success using Instagram in your marketing. They are…Curate…Snap…#Hashtag…Engage…Repeat…[and one more,] Measure and Improve.”

#4: 5 tools for managing your contacts and boosting your network

“In a lot of ways, a contact manager can incorporate new, innovative services to not only help users take a smarter approach to meeting new people but also transmit readily available information from social media profiles directly into that contact profile…here’s a breakdown of five applications that are breaking the barriers of the traditional contact managing system on the computer as well as mobile devices.”

#3: Job Seekers: Beware These Social Media Traps

“First impressions are everything, but sometimes they creep up on you. As a job candidate, 86% of potential employers will look at your social profiles — even if you don’t explicitly share those links…Column Five Media put together an infographic [included below] of tips for using social media to make first impressions — and included a few things every job seeker should avoid.”

#2: Ever wonder what the top 25 pages are on Facebook are? Here they are.

“Entertainment continues to dominate the list of most popular Facebook pages, according to our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans added to a page daily. After Facebook’s own pages for its mobile app and main company page, the most Liked pages are those of entertainers, athletes, TV shows, games, and a few international brands.”

#1: Facebook Improving Site Integrity Systems To Combat False Likes

“Facebook updated its site integrity system today in an effort to crack down on fake likes, a move that the company says will benefit legitimate users and page owners.The company says the improved automated efforts will detect and remove Likes obtained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users or purchased mass Likes. While Facebook says it has always protected against these threats, the new system will specifically be tailored to identify and erase suspect Likes.”

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