TrendSpottr, CloudMagic, Productivity Hacks, and Conferences for Entrepreneurs: the Social 6 for 1/18/13

What’d you miss around the Internet yesterday? Oh, just the latest guest post by Rosemary Sitler on the Going Social blog, spotlights on TrendSpottr and CloudMagic (two companies that actually have a shot at sticking around for the long haul), how investors feel about the long AAPL stock decline, and more. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: TrendSpottr Launches Predictive Trend Alerts For Lean-Back, High-Level Monitoring Of Popular Content (TechCrunch)

#5: Investors Unnerved by Apple Stock Slide (Ecommerce Times)

#4: The Observer Effect: Where Philosophy, Photons, and the Social Network Collide (Going Social)

#3: Personal Data Search Engine CloudMagic Goes Pro, Hopes Users Find It Useful Enough To Pay (TechCrunch)

#2: 2013’s Top Conferences for Entrepreneurs (Forbes)

#1: 11 Productivity Hacks From Super-Productive People (FastCompany)

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