Apple, Amazon, and more Apple: today’s Social 6 News Roundup

Busy day and I’m waaaaay behind schedule. Here’s your Social 6 news roundup:

Another Social Bookmarking Start-Up? Wince. Wait, These Two Are Actually Interesting

“As a longtime squinter at Delicious clones, I was surprised this week to see a couple of social bookmarking-type tools that actually seemed quite well-built and distinctive. Will making a product snazzier make it mainstream? Not necessarily. But Clipboard and both caught my jaded eye.”

The Dawn Of Visual Social Media

“It’s become clear that social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram have ushered in visual marketing as a new breakout trend for 2012…if you want real results, you have to show it…it really looks like that today ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.'”

The iPhone 5 might single-handedly boost the US’ GDP

“Gadget lovers are eagerly awaiting news from Apple’s media event in San Francisco on Wednesday, when the company is widely expected to introduce the iPhone 5 after months of rumors. Wall Street analysts — and economists too — will be paying close attention. That’s because a new iPhone could provide a huge revenue windfall for the world’s most valuable company. It could also lift business for related firms such as wireless carriers, suppliers and accessories sellers.”

Amazon holds an event today where it’ll launch its new Kindle e-readers & Kindle Fire tablet

“Today is Amazon’s turn. The Seattle-based company is holding an event today in Santa Monica, California, where it is expected to launch its new Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablet. An ad, which aired last night, showed the new Kindle e-reader and new Fire.”

Restaurants put Social Media on the  Menu

“Social media is here to stay but Connolly sees Facebook and Twitter as less relevant for the next generation in terms of restaurants. People will adapt those sites for the long-term, ‘like keeping in touch with family, grandkids,’ they won’t be searching on them, he predicts.Young people will create their own next-generation social media technology. Whatever form it takes, it will remain a digital form of word-of-mouth, which essentially is what social media really is.”

The Choreography of an Apple event

“…when perhaps the most secretive company in tech holds an event, everyone thinks they know what’s going to happen — but no one knows exactly what’s going to happen…’It’s like the Super Bowl and the Oscars of technology all rolled into one,’  Ritchie [editor-in-chief of iMore, an Apple-centric blog] said.

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