Target, Oscar Mayer, GoDaddy, and Twitter: the Social 6 News Roundup for 9/11/12

Well, yesterday was a relatively busy day out there! GoDaddy’s outage was big news, but Medium (brought to you by the founders of Twitter) and Oscar Mayer’s new campaign made waves as well – and there’s plenty more to keep you busy reading. Without further ago, here are the top news & views you missed yesterday:

Target Is A Perfect Example Of Why Retailers Should Be Investing In Social Media

“Measuring whether [social media] efforts are successful is difficult because there’s no immediate return. But this anecdote about shoppers at Target shows why investing in social media is worthwhile for retailers…research determined that fans of Target on Facebook were 97 percent more likely to spend at Target, and friends of fans were 51 percent more likely than the average population to spend at the retailer.”

7 Strategies for Dealing With Online Reviews

“With more than two-thirds of buying decisions now informed by online reviews, merchants are being forced to take a closer look at how they should handle customer feedback when it’s posted online…to find out how merchants should be dealing with these issues, we spoke to five experts in the field and asked what businesses should consider when managing their online reviews.”

“Please Don’t Stalk Me” site lets Twitter users alter location data attached to their tweets

“Have you ever wished you could tweet from somewhere else in the world, without having to actually go there? The arctic circle? The great pyramids of Egypt? Or how about the Bermuda triangle? Well, now it seems like you can. A little website entitled “Please Don’t Stalk Me” allows any Twitter user to alter the location data attached to their tweets.”

Evan Williams & Biz Stone of Twitter fame launch Medium, their “quality over quantity” network

“News broke recently that Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone had launched a new social media network centered around something we really love: sharing quality content…posting access to curate collections on Medium is currently limited to ‘friends and family’ of the founders. As a Beta Member, I am able to view and vote on content, which currently includes the boards “Been There, Loved That,” a collection of gorgeous images from around the world. Did I mention they were gorgeous?”

New Oscar Mayer campaign proposes bacon as a new currency

“Many people… [have] heard the lottery slogan, ‘All it takes is a dollar and a dream.’ Now comes an actor, comedian and writer, seeking to make his way across the country in the next two weeks with only a dream and, oh, yes, instead of a dollar, a trailer filled with 3,000 pounds of a new bacon.

The actor, Josh Sankey, will embark this week on a promotion for the Oscar Mayer division of Kraft Foods that is being called the Great American Bacon Barter. The promotion includes a Web site,; social media like Twitter; and a public relations campaign.”

GoDaddy goes down, Anonymous claims responsibility

“GoDaddy, the domain registrar and Web hosting company, experienced outages Monday, perhaps taking millions of websites down as a result…a quick call to the company’s customer service line resulted in a voice message stating that the company is aware of issues involving several services, including web hosting and emails. The company suggest following its Twitter page for updates…Twitter accounts thought to be associated with the hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack.”

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