3D Facebook Profiles, Inbox Annihilation, and Instagram User Agreement: the Social 6 for 1/17/13

Yesterday was admittedly not one of the busier days around the Internet, but that’s OK. We still have a slew of news and views for you, including the value of completely annihilating your email inbox, SocialFresh’s take on Facebook’s new search initiative, and how The Creators Project is can transform your Facebook identity into printable 3D artwork. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: Think Context Not Platforms, Says Google’s Tim Reis (Street Fight)

#5: Finish Is A Simple Way For Teens To Manage Their Angst-Ridden, Homework-Riddled Lives (TechCrunch)

#4: The Digital Purge: How (And Why) To Nuke Your Email Inbox (ReadWriteWeb)

#3: Instagram’s Updated User Agreement Goes Into Effect This Week (All Things D)

#2: Is This The Facebook Search We’ve Been Waiting For? (SocialFresh)

#1: Turn Your Facebook Profile Into a 3D-Printed Sculpture (Mashable)

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