Yammer’s new HQ, Aaron Swartz Investigation, and Pentagon’s Twitter Love: the Social 6 for 1/15/13

Busy Monday for you? I’m sure. In case you didn’t have time to browse the Web enough, rest assured it was a busy day all around the Internet yesterday, with more news coming out about Aaron Swartz’s tragic death, Yammer’s impressive new digs, and my announcing that we’d start to dole out bite-sized chunks of Going Social for those who (shockingly) don’t have a copy yet. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: Done Not Done: This app helps you remember movies, books and music you plan to check out (The Next Web)

#5: Yammer’s new massive SF headquarters (The Next Web)

#4: The Pentagon is seeking ways to predict the future by monitoring Twitter, blogs (Mashable)

#3: The Facebook Measurement Landscape In 2013 (Likeable blog)

#2: MIT To Launch Internal Investigation Following Death Of Aaron Swartz (ReadWriteWeb)

#1: Going Social begins giving away free book excerpts via Email Signup (Going Social blog)

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