4 Ways Fitness Brands Can Use Facebook’s Open Graph

Today Rose Yao shared on the Facebook Developers Blog some Open Graph success stories in the fitness category. Among the highlights featured include Nike+ RunningLivestrongruntastic,and RunKeeper, among others.

Here are some best practices these apps employ in order to resonate:

#1: Make signing up easy. It’s not just fitness apps that use Facebook Login to help drive easier sign-ups from mobile, but they are many cases of them doing it quite well.

#2: Make stories social. Fitness apps should add friend tagging, if it’s relevant to their app. Nike gives a good example of this, allowing runners to tag who they’re running with. On the whole, stories that tag others are more likely to be engaged with.

#3: Help users share achievements. Facebook offers explicit sharing functionality to Fitness apps (and apps in general), so app users can share milestones and other non-routine activity. RunKeeper is one example of an app using Facebook’s explicit sharing API to ask users to post their completed activity, such as a new distance milestone.

#4: Make stories visual. Visual stories can often lead to better Facebook click through rates. Fitness apps can publish stories using the map layout for a more visually compelling narrative.

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