The Social 6: 8/29/12 News Roundup

By all you know the drill: I share the stories y’all found most interesting over the last 24 hours. So if you disagree with the picks, you’ll just have to comment/retweet/favorite things more tomorrow ūüėČ

#6: Social media plays a huge role in product discovery for beauty consumers

This¬†Andrew McDougall piece outlines how social media marketing is on the rise among larger beauty conglomerates such as P&G and L’Oreal.

#5: My Personal Social Story: Why Social Media Platforms Are Fads

April Rudin of The Rudin Group shares her story, which isn’t really an anti-social media rant as you might think. Instead, April shows how “social” has always been present in her life, and where she thinks “social” will be going in the near future.

#4: Despite its falling out w/Twitter, Flipboard added 15M users over the past 8 months

While there hasn’t been as much buzz around Flipboard lately, it’s interesting to see how the adoption of their news aggregation apps haven’t slowed down one bit – in fact, they’re growing at a 300% clip.

Image representing Flipboard as depicted in Cr...

#3:¬†How to stop “social media shiny object syndrome”

Jason Keath of SocialFresh delivers a great piece (as always) summarizing a recent SocialFresh webinar, and outlines 8 steps to take to properly analyze social media shiny objects.

#2: SumAll Social Metrics Tracks Social Activity Against Web Traffic & Revenue

TechCrunch shares how SumAll, a data visualization firm, has launched SumAll Social Metrics, which can help a company track all of its social activity against KPIs such as web traffic and revenue. Another example of how the conversation is changing from how to get your company to engage, to how your company can monetize that engagement.

#1:¬†How to be yourself on social media…without freaking out your boss

This Forbes piece by Dorie Clark (a writer you need to be following) on how to walk the fine line between representing yourself well online, and¬†embarrassing¬†your company. Dorie’s tips are great ways any employee can start thinking about their own approach to social media.

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