[BREAKING] Google to Include Gmail Results in Search Results

Want to get Gmail search results whenever you run a Google query? Looks like that’s what the future of search may look like.

Google is running a field trial to see how this goes. To sign up for the trial, go to http://g.co/searchtrial. The experiment is limited to just 1 million users and not available for Google Apps accounts, so not all of you will be able to participate.

Side note: as a Google Apps user, it’s unfortunate that Google continues to, in a way, treat paying customers (i.e. Google Apps users) worse than non-paying customers (Gmail users).

Key takeaway from this story? The future of search entails personalized search, and no more generic search results. And, that’s a good thing. However, it remains to be seen how this increased relevancy can be directly monetized.

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