The Social 6: Key Stories of The Last 24 hours, 8/8/12

#6 The Pitfalls of the Unmanaged Customer Experience

What makes your brand, ultimately, is the experience you give to your customers, not just the product you actually sell them. Yes, we all know this. No, most companies still don’t adhere to this somewhat important rule. Malcolm Carlow writes for E-Commerce Times, and provides some nice, high-level advice on customer service.

#5 Bingo! Facebook Gambles On Games Using Real Money, Not Credits, To Engage Users

Facebook hasn’t had such a good time in the news lately, as I’m sure you’re aware. However, Facebook is rolling out something that could be minor game-changer. Ingrid Lunden, writing for TechCrunch, says not only is this a new way to interact with people but you can win real money! It’s only in the UK for now, but it will be interesting to follow this and see how much traction this gets.

#4 Instagram & foursquare Photo Contest Boosts Engagement Across Social-Mobile Platforms

Interesting case study: Barney’s Beanery ran a two-week photo contest across all its locations and offered prizes such as $100 gift cards and much more. According to Moment Feed writer Joergan Aaboe, Barney’s Beanery sees 66 percent increase in photos taken and tagged to their locations relative to Facebook and foursquare check-ins.

#3 FAQ: Why did Google buy these companies?

Jon Gold, writing for NetworkWorld, gives a rundown about Google’s history of acquisitions, and how each one has fit into the company’s strategy. Overall, I’d say Google has acquired pretty intelligently, acquiring expertise where they were lacking.

#2 Why Apple Should Buy Foursquare

Do you believe Foursquare is just another app? At the moment it doesn’t have much room to grow, according to many; even though I’m a big fan of the app, usage is nowhere near some other social platforms. However Jon Mitchell writes for ReadWriteWeb and says Foursquare would be a perfect fit to be purchased and embedded into Apple’s iOS strategy.

#1 Facebook Introduces Mobile Ad Unit to Promote Apps

Mobile is becoming an increasingly important part of going social, and Facebook simply won’t be competitive if it can’t find a way to monetize mobile media. Given that, only a few weeks after the debut of its first-ever ad unit for mobile,  Facebook is releasing a new mobile unit in beta, so that app developers can better promote their apps.

Guys, read my lips, this is the start of something pretty major.

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