Chris Brogan closed his Linked Account. Should you?

This week, one of my chief influencers, Chris Brogan, blogged about how he had closed his LinkedIn account. Chris was kind of enough to post this screenshot.

LinkedIn No More

My first thought was: wow. Anyone who can generate 143 recommendations is pretty darn impressive.

In his post, Chris indicated that he was closing it because he was having problems accepting people’s connections, and had reported the problem without getting a satisfactory resolution. Maybe this is something that only happens to people with 16,000+ connections, as I’ve never had this problem.

While Chris is one of those guys I always tend to listen to, this is one of those areas where I’m clearly in the opposite camp. LinkedIn is such a valuable tool, it almost brings tears to my eyes. I’m in the “you’ll have to pry my LinkedIn account from my cold, dead hands” category.

Chris writes he won’t miss it “because it hasn’t done much for me for business.” Just my two cents, but I fail to find any type of business that wouldn’t benefit from LinkedIn. Can you?

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