Helping my wife pick a Twitter handle

For those of you who don’t know, Victoria just finished Princeton with her Ph.D in Art History. Very, very proud husband, I am.┬áSo, the lovely Victoria is finally getting on Twitter in order to promote her art history and provenance research consulting business. Provenance, of course, refers to the chronology of the ownership and/or location of a historical artifact, including art. Victoria’s basically an art detective. It’s pretty cool.

Victoria’s consulting website is at (if you want to, you can check it out – it’s a work in progress and you’ll definitely see plenty of glitches). As such, ideally I’d go with @victoriasearsgoldman on Twitter – but that’s pretty long. In fact, it’s one-seventh of a tweet all by itself! At the same time, I think about brand consistency, and how that’s so important to me in general.

Other ideas are @victoria-sg, @VSGresearch, @VSGprovenance, and @VSGartprovenance – but we’re going to let you guys decide what would be best! What do you think would be the best pick, A) knowing Twitter and B) knowing what kind of work she’ll be doing?

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