Fake Reviews, Productivity Tools, & Apple Maps: the Social 6 for 9/26/12

Some days, it’s easy to curate the Social 6. Some days, there’s an outpouring of clicks, retweets, shares, pins, you name it – and really great articles don’t make it into the top 6. Today’s one of those days. Competition was fierce for the top 6 shares from yesterday, but here’s to the victors:

#6: Whom Do Pop Stars Follow on Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]  (Mashable)

#5: Why design is key to the connected world (GigaOM)

#4: Top 4 apps to ‘gamify’ your business (PCWorld)

#3: Apple Maps: Taking the Long View (Streetfight)

#2: 5 Tools You Need to Stay Productive at Work  (Huffington Post)

#1: How To Counter Fake Social Media Reviews (Business 2 Community)

By jeremygoldman

social media pundit.

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