Facebook Stats, Hyperlocal, & Video Games: Today’s Social 6

A pretty mixed bag of news from the last day were clicked on by you guys yesterday, including a link towards my attempts to enlist more help for the upcoming Going Social companion site.

Without further ago, here’s your Social 6 for September 25, 2012:

#6: Gyft Brings Gift Cards From Over 200 Retailers To Apple’s Passbook (TechCrunch)

#5: 7 Reporting Tools for Hyperlocal Journalists  (Streetfight)

#4: Want to Join Team Going Social? Write for Us! (jeremygoldman.com)

#3: The Social Era Is More Than Social Media (Fast Company)

#2: DeathWatch: Video Game Consoles (ReadWriteWeb)

#1: 50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook Page More Than Its Website [INFOGRAPHIC] (Mashable)

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