LinkedIn’s Follow Feature, Truvia, Facebook Gifts, and more: the Social 6 for 10/3/12

A very late Social 6 roundup today, guys. Sorry about that, but iluminage & life beckons. I’m sure you understand.

In any case, the news roundup for today is below. This was actually a ridiculously strong day with a bunch of cool stories breaking…I don’t think I’ve spent as long debating who should receive the #1 spot in a long time.

#6: YouTube’s Slick New TV Mode Lets You Browse From the Keyboard or Your Phone (Mashable)

#5: New Ads for Truvia Serve Up Sweet Words  (NY Times)

#4: Facebook Gifts: potent new revenue stream, or dud?  (EConsultancy)

#3: Dog owners shame pets on social media (WBTV)

#2: Twitter Who? LinkedIn Promotes Its Own People to Follow. (All Things D)

#1: Live Twitter Feed Appears in Print Ad [VIDEO] (Mashable)

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