Michael Vick, Pages Manager, FiveHundredPlus, & Medium: the Social 6 for 3/6/13

Well, it’s not often I post more sensationalist, general interest posts, but maybe I should, as the Michael Vick story I shared ran away with the most number of clicks and shares. Given that, I just had to give it the top spot. Plenty more news you can use, however, including an analysis of Apple’s time as a dominant stock, FiveHundredPlus’ contact management solution, and the ongoing success of Facebook’s (admittedly imperfect) Pages Manager app. Here’s your Social 6:

#6: Why brands must embrace the role of editor (Marketing Mag UK)

#5: Ev Williams: Medium Wants To Help Build A Sustainable Economic Model For Journalism (TechCrunch)

#4: Facebook’s Pages Manager app has now reached 8 million downloads (TheNextWeb)

#3: Remember to stay in touch with all of your best LinkedIn contacts by using FiveHundredPlus (TheNextWeb)

#2: Are Apple’s glory days over — and will a smartwatch help? (Ecommerce Times)

#1: File this under WTF – Michael Vick & his puppy spotted at puppy training classes at Petsmart (Gothamist)

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