The Social 6 News Roundup for October 9th

You know what? I like Columbus Day. I really, really do. The problem with it? There’s just not as much news. So, while there were a few gems in the world of social media news & views yesterday, not that many of you were sharing & clicking on my own shares, which is a sobering, humbling, occurrence. Nevertheless, Monday’s greatest hits are nothing to sneeze at. Here’s the Social 6 for Tuesday, October 9th:

#6: Large Short Films Makes It Large On Social Media (Business 2 Community)

#5: News From the Advertising Industry (New York Times)

#4: Old vs. New: The Evolution of the Term Social Marketing (Business 2 Community)

#3: Here Come the Inevitable Marissa Mayer Magazine Profiles — As She Preps Her Quick Return to Yahoo  (All Things D)

#2: Tumblr Is for Fashion, YouTube Is for Music [INFOGRAPHIC] (Mashable)

#1: Does Your Facebook Profile Make People Think You’re Boring And Ugly? (ReadWriteWeb)

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