Big Bird, iPad Mini, and Taco Bell Top the Weekend Social 6 Roundup

Did you take a break from reading news across the Interwebz this weekend? I surely hope so. Assuming you did, here’s some of what you missed, including how Taco Bell is fighting world hunger, why inventory will be the key to the iPad Mini’s success, and how social media can take a so-so job search to a stellar one. There’s plenty more, of course; let’s dive in:

#6: How the Eels’ rugby team leverages social media to succeed (

#5: Don’t Mess With Big Bird (New York Times)

#4: Taco Bell launches social media campaign to end hunger (QSR Web)

#3: The Best Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search (Forbes)

#2: iPad Mini’s likely launch date means inventory will be everything, say analysts (Computerworld)

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