The Social 6: Key Stories from The Last 24 hours, 7/26/12

As you may know, I’m a voracious reader and tend to share a good deal of news via my social platforms. Here’s a countdown of the top six most important articles I’ve shared in the last day. I curate this top six based on number of retweets, clicks, favorites, and mentions, so you guys are a large part of what ends up listed here :).

#6 As Facebook Political Campaigning Heats Up, NGP VAN Launches New Social Organizing Tool

NGP VAN (Voter Activation Network), a Democrat-oriented software developer  launched a newly-updated tool for the 2012 election season in the US. The newly-updated tool, Social Organizing, uses Facebook to help get the vote out. In this article, Sara Ines Calderon of TechCrunch shares more about how Social Organizing actually works. What will be really interesting is to see if we see greater voter turnout, considering all of these new tools out there to encourage voting. As they say, the proof’s in the pudding, isn’t it?

#5 BandPage Unshackles From Facebook, Now Helps 500K Musicians Build Synced Sites and Widgets Too

If you’re an inspiring musician, BandPage is a tool you should definitely check out! This week, BandPage launched BandPage Everywhere, which allows musicians to build websites, embeddable widgets, and Facebook Page apps with relative ease. To learn more on how to get your BandPage started, Josh Constine article of TechCrunch has more.

#4With Patch Revenue Up 100% in Q2, Armstrong Hints at ‘Second Phase’

Patch, AOL‘s hyperlocal news site, has been growing at a pretty strong clip in recent months. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong hinted as a major second phase of growth, involving “high-level community involvement in a very precise way on the Patch platform.” Steven Jacobs of StreetFight gets into a better description of what the Patch plans to accomplish.

#3 Top Facebook News feed optimization service, Booshaka, has raised $1M

Have you played with Booshaka ever? It’s a great tool for social marketing, and with its latest upgrades, it looks to be even more useful for its clients. Its Top Fans leaderboard application – which it launched last year – was great for helping Facebook page admins get insights about its top 10% of fans. The updates Booshaka rolled out this week will make it increasingly easy for admins to get a better sense of the other 90%, as David Cohen posts in this AllFacebook article. Booshaka looks to be going after the Gigyas and Badgevilles of the world more directly with this week’s upgrades.

#2 Now Supporting 50 Interactive “Email Apps,” PowerInbox Crosses 1 Million Views

PowerInbox, the new email-enhancing platform that helps make messages more interactive, has just surpassed 1 million email views. The startup now lets its users run over 50 “email apps” from within the email inbox. I’m a big fan of tools like PowerInbox, which (when used right) can help make email more of a productivity-enhancer again. Very helpful article written by Sarah Perez of TC describing more about this up-and-coming tool.

#1 Did Chick-Fil-A Create The Facebook Profile Of Abby Farle?

Big story here, folks! Chick-Fil-A can’t seem to clean their name up after multiple PR setbacks. Allegedly creating a Facebook account to serve as a brand advocate and then seeing it go , the company figured they can argue their points out through there about gay marriage. Do you think what Chick-Fil-A did was a freedom of speech or was it total ignorance? Justin Lafferty of AllFacebook gets more into better detail about the mishap. Also: I created as a response of sorts, if you’d care to check that out.

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