Apples Dominates this Weekend’s Social 6 News Roundup

Is it much of a surprise that Apple news and analysis surrounds their big September 15th unveil of their new products? Not for this fella. That being said, the Planned Parenthood case study and Flipboard news were heavily clicked by my social audience, and I thought Flipboard’s foray into commerce could potentially be a move that resonates for a long time to come. Here’s what you missed this weekend:

Amazon: Big Threat to Apple and Google?

“Is there really a reason for Google and Apple to be scared of the on-going success of Amazon? Apple has been in the mobile business for a while. Google, on the other hand, is a well known software company. And what of Amazon?”

Actually, Literally, What Your Crutch Word Says About You

 “Crutch words are those expressions we pepper throughout our language as verbal pauses, and sometimes as written ones, to give us time to think…quite often, they do little to add meaning, though. Sometimes we even use them incorrectly. Almost always, we don’t need them at all, which doesn’t mean we won’t persist in using them. Here’s our list of frequently used crutches, and what your crutch of choice has to reveal about you.”

How Planned Parenthood went from political pariah to social media darling

“When Planned Parenthood first learned that Susan G. Komen was going to cut its funds, there were many pleas made to regain the commitment of nearly $700,000 in funding for 19 affiliates. What exploded when the news went public is a valuable lesson for any nonprofit harnessing social media and traditional media.”

Apple begins talks to license content for a Pandora-esque music-streaming service

“Pandora shares took a pounding on Friday as Apple is reportedly in negotiations with record labels to license content for a Pandora-esque music-streaming service. That’s more bad news for a company that already had a lot of it. Its advertising-supported model isn’t yet profitable, and its prospects aren’t great given the competition…Apple’s latest move is just another reminder to Fool analyst Anand Chokkavelu that he recommends Pandora’s service but not its stock.”

Flipboard’s “social magazine” launches its first in-magazine store, in partnership with Levis

“Flipboard, known for its beautiful “social magazine” on tablets and phones, has just announced the launch of its first in-magazine store on both iOS and Android, in partnership with Levis. This is Flipboard’s first step into ecommerce, and given the popularity of the service, adding a shopping layer could leave a massive impact on the company’s future. Flipboard calls this move a “social catalog,” and it’s especially telling given how monotonous online shopping has become, where long pages of visually-uninteresting grids are standard.”

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Recap: 15 Features, Specs We’re Expecting At Release

English: The "Made for iPhone" emble...
English: The “Made for iPhone” emblem appearing on Apple-approved iPhone accesories.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Wed., Sept. 12 — the long-awaited day Apple fans are expecting to finally see the debut of the sixth-generation iPhone, unofficially dubbed the “iPhone 5” — is now less than five days away. The highly-anticipated event, scheduled to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, is also expected to introduce a new “iPad Mini” to Apple’s tablet lineup…here are 15 features and tech specs we’re expecting to see in the new iPhone at its unveiling this week.”

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